Sunday, May 1, 2011

fox in the box

Oh dear
I have a fox in the box
Yesterday morning I opened the drapes and there
in Handsome's box
 (my feral kitty that I have been feeding for 5 years)
was a fox
Well we left him alone and went our way
when we returned later in the day he was there
but shortly after my looking at him through the glass door
he left
phew..problem solved
This morning I saw him drinking out of the bird dish
and eating Handsome's old food
and then he curled up in the igloo shelter
and went to sleep
oh dear...he has a messed up tail
and his back legs are full of mud
As I look at him now..he looks like a very
happy dog sound asleep
What's this going to do to my gardening
...and don't tell me to call the police
they'll kill him
...... now he's my ward
my problem
we'll just wait and see
I'll let you know
poor thing
and I haven'tseen Handsome for over a week
and he and Boo were having a stared down
poor Boo he hasn't got a clue
that's him in the picture hunkered down
hee hee he thinks the fox can't see him
oh dear how do I always get myself
into these things

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  1. Wow!!! My experience with wildlife is to just let them be. The feral cat or the fox....or both. Wildlife comes and goes. We had a skunk for a couple weeks on the property and I thought oh oh....but he moved on thankfully:) We also had the same thing with a bunch of bobcats...but Momma and her two cubs eventually left:) Maybe he's on vacation:)?

  2. Hi Suz...a fox! I would just leave him alone (don't encourage him with food)and monitor the situation. If he looks healthy, once he finds no more food he will probably move on.

    As for Handsome he is a wily old thing and will have faced many foxes before I am sure. My ex feral cat Ms. Mitz would often stare down a fox!

    Keep us informed.

  3. Foxes come and go around us in the early mornings. I've never had a problem with them in or around my garden. I think this one may hang around while there is easy food for him/her. Most times it is a welcoming sight to have them around because they eat their weight in mice and voles.
    There is always problems with people feeding them in the parks which is a diffident NO NO because then a red fox becomes a dead fox. They start to run out in traffic for someones left over sandwich.
    I really admire the foxes we have here and the Mother fox is such a true parent teaching her young to play and hunt. Such love if you ever get to experience it up close. We have a fox den on our property and I just love to watch them.
    They are truly beautiful as I have documented on my blog.

  4. Oh dear, tonight when we got home there was a fox drinking water out of the water bowl and a racoon sneaking up behind him stalking the food bowl....what a sight
    I think this fella needs food he's looking pretty scrawny...what shall I do? not leave food out for Handsome?
    or the birds?
    what shall I do?
    Oh the racoon just gave him the snarls...he ran right into his "den" of quilt pieces!
    oh dear dear
    AHW! he pooped on my deck!

  5. Oh Suz, what if handsome is in the foxes stomach. You said you haven't seen Handsome for a while. If I were you I would call the humane society. They are pretty good about tranquilizing them and taking them back to the places where there are isn't anything around. I think he is not going to leave on his own.

  6. oh don't think!
    humane societies...I know about their humane
    maybe I'll look for an animal rehabber if he stays around

  7. oh my gosh! Leave it to you! Oh Suz - he's beautiful. Maybe call Little Red Schoolhouse and ask for advice.

  8. I know April! I can't believe it
    a fox in the den
    ha ha
    now what
    he sure likes quilts

  9. Poor little fox. He has found a safe haven. You have inadvertently provided this wild animal food and shelter. It's a hard life out there. He has found sanctuary for a while.
    This is a gift that may become a dilemma, but for now... a beautiful moment to commune with a wild thing.

    Thank you for not calling the police.

  10. Oh dear, Suz. What have you gotten into now. The fox will do fine on his own if you decide to stop the gifts of food and water, and healthier for you both. They do carry diseases and it would be horrible if you or your LovedOnes got sick suddenly. Now he pooed on the deck? Good time to watch and wait for his departure for the good of you and yours. I know, nature is cruel sometimes, but for the most part, remember he is wild, and wild does not tame. He will fight for his food like any other wild animal. You sure do not want your hand in his way for fear of rabies. It's a reality, a very painful one. He will move on if you stop providing. Sad but true. My heart aches for your decision.

  11. If Handsome doesn't come back, it seems to me the fox was somehow him, trying to tell you he's alright. Come back for one last visit with his sweet mama. I mean how odd that he did all of Handsome's things, you know?


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