Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I will be busy this day moving things
transplanting them to new areas
Like Bee Balm and coneflowers and sundrops
way too many in certain areas
Above in the photo are Tiger Lillies
just rising through the earth out front in the bed
I did not plant them
I am a believer...that when I see something new rising
through the earth..I wait and see
maybe it could be something good
In fact that is how I got my mystery plant out back
that no one seems to know what it is...smells like horse barn when it flowers
but it is a beauty from afar and it hasn't spread...just has become a huge clump
anyway.....When I spotted the plant that now I know is a tiger lilly

I just watched and watched until it popped flowers of the most beautiful kind
But the most wonderful part is that it drops seeds readily and now I have a host of them
out front. I have had to instruct the landscaper on what is a weed and what is a flower
..such a thing..
I have them weed out front...I have my hands full out in the back
but one summer they pulled all the babies out...
this wench was not very happy...that doesn't happen anymore
But it seems that the lillies have jumped the border into the rocks
and I have to take action
want some?


  1. I take it these must be hardy and need little care? I have a full sun spot just begging for something to grow. If hardy, I would gladly take a few.

  2. betcha
    I'll pot up some little ones and drop them off at the center next week..which day are you there?

  3. Thursday morning in the new log cabin.

  4. that would be next thursday..correct

  5. lovely.
    i love the color of tiger lilies.
    enjoy your garden.

  6. A host of Tiger Lilies. How wonderful. I always wait to see what is coming up so I don't pull something out that might bring some Joy to the garden.

  7. Thanks for the great comment, Suz
    Catching and releasing that spider was a big step for me. My motivation was that I was alone and I didn't want it to crawl off somewhere in the house. Use to be I couldn't go to sleep if there was a spider on the wall . I still don't do well with any of this but I'm trying to have perspective. I think I will post a poem that I wrote many years ago about a spider. Maybe, some day next week.
    Now, I have gourds to make into prizes for the goat show.

    HOME GOODS! I love this store. It's a good thing that it's not here in Jackson. I'd be in trouble. So far it's a treat because I only know of two stores and the other one is down in the Bay Area. I'm safe for now.
    Oh.... Susie is my cousin. My sister is Lisa and she is beautiful.
    Thanks again.
    Take care.
    p.s. You don't have to post this reply. Do you know that you have as your email address and that it blocks return comments. So I can only send a reply back to you on one of your comment pages. You can change it in Google dashboard.

  8. I'm there on Thursdays (and most Mondays, Tuesdays and all Wednesdays) too, Suz! I'd love a few! I'll share with Julie. xox

  9. Oh, I do love the Tiger Lily. I got mine from my Mothers garden. She has had them for as long as I can remember, eee, that's a long time.
    I love finding a new plant here or there, and love waiting for their surprise when they finally show their true colors.


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