Wednesday, August 31, 2011


a summer morning
late summer
almost September
I love it when the garden knows
that soon it will get less light
and colder days....but not just  yet
they seem to smile and say

Today they want to be on stage
and dance their heads off

ah theater
love it

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I hope I never meet who lives inside this old porch post

I did walk into a spider web this morning
passing under the trellis

I don't know who freaked out the most
me or mr. eight legs

Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought this bush was dead last year
but it has arisen from the earth with glorious blooms
and the better thing is that I see
not a single praying mantis!
Or chubby thick white upside down spider on it!
The butterflies are safe for now

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm one for letting things be
Like this bonset growing in my garden
I rather like its white flowers in august
But my gardener friends....the snobby ones
think I'm nuts..for it is a bit of a wanderer
but heck, I'm a wench
who am I to judge
If we only let grow what belongs
I'd have to find a new home

and my winged creatures love it
and that is good enough for me
I like to think of myself as Esmerellda
from the hunchback of ND
hanging with the common
noble beings of life

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

those fairies.....knocking over chairs last night
my my my
more work for me
I hope they had a good time

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's cool this morning and the light is passing across the lawn
like a hush
It is one of my favorite times to be in the garden
morning light time
The other favorite time
is late afternoon evening light
I love light

Let there be light

for what it's worth
I agree

Friday, August 19, 2011

I bet you think I have been swallowed up
by the garden.....oh, I wish that were so
I have had computer problems up the wazoo
Now, hopefully, I think it is all back to hunky dory
We have had sprinkling restrictions and the grass is showing it
and I confess, I have sinned...
and watered at night in the cover of darkness..
my trees,
my flowers,
my plotted plants
yes, I am one of those
So go ahead and bust me...

I wonder what Mr. Poland, my grammar school teacher would  think of this?
Would I have to write sentences?
"I will not water during restricted times,especially sneak-idly in the darkness"
100 times!!!!

So, not only is my computer fixed, but the water restrictions have been lifted
But I must say, being unplugged from the internet
has been a rewarding experience 
I have spent a lot of time in the garden
sitting and listening
Oh it is a beatuful time
For some reason the Gold finches have been singing quite a repertoire
of tunes in the trees...and it is a sweet pleasure of life 
listening to them.
Yesterday, the yard was full of fliting butterflies
and hummingbirds and hummingbird moths
and my resident field mouse was bravely
nibbling at fallen don't go 
getting squeamish on me....he is just an animal
living where he was born,living how God intended for
him to live (as long as he stays outside)
and he delighted me with his quick moving antics
I was going to tell him....Autumn, which is coming sooner than later
is the time that nasty Harry Cooper'sHawk takes up residence
in the he best be enjoying the summer days
for soon it will be war for or to day
But truly is it any different for me?
for us?
No, I don't really think is fraught with danger
and one false move...or being in the wrong place at wrong time
could be fatal
Or it is just your days run out..the number in the book of life completed.

Like this past week
I went to the funeral of a 20 year old 
son of a caught in undertow
and another friend...pain in the back
non-Hodgkin lymphoma 

you have brought me comfort and joy this week
joy in the insignificant field mouse
joy in the black toad I spotted this morning
sitting in the sprinkler water
joy in the burst of late summer blooms
joy in the sound of the wind chimes
moving in the breeze
joy in the passing of morning light across the yard
joy joy joy
I am so happy this moment for it
may it fill my well
...that I know... someday
I will have to draw from

blessings counted

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There's a beautiful irony in this fallen sunflower
lying among fallen and opened sunflower seeds under the feeder
The squirrel must have dropped it here
...grabbed it off of the table on the deck
ha ha...a sunflower I bought at the farmer's market....a seedless hybrid
I only wished I could have witnessed his clever (he thought) theft
I GOT IT I GOT IT..I 'm certain he said in squirrel talk
to the goldfinch singing so beautifully this morning in the riverbirch branches
Now neither of us can enjoy it
but just as well....I had a bad feeling about this hybrid.....
no beauty to pass on.....Why man messes with nature I don't know
But it lays in my garden as a tragedy
and a comedy this day
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Prairie Ironweed
a lovely plant of late summer
It looks so nice with goldenrod
too bad I yanked most of the goldenrod out
in a fit of clutter removal
Oh will return for certain
Someone told me that Ironweed is in the aster family
imagine wonder it blooms in late summer
It is a rather tall plant and the butterflies love it
I only wished that I had planted more of it
I may have to visit a farmers market or two
on the hunt for more of them
Oh garden , my garden
we have been through much this season
but you have always comforted me
and cheered me
and kept me busy

and stilled me
We both are getting ready for change

Friday, August 5, 2011

heartshaped leaf patterns
of coleus are a welcomed sight
in the hot summer garden
They bring a bit of excitment to the shady areas
I have to admit that this year has been a challenge for this wench
not in finding joy, but in enjoying it
too wet, too hot,too many bugs
I just found out that my neighbor trapped my squirrels and released them
in the woods....he said they were trying to get into his attic through the
attic fan......I understand this, but it makes me very sad
I love my squirrels, and they have claimed my yard as their home
I wonder if they will fight with the squirrels where he has released them...
I hope he is telling the truth...oh woe
I can hardly bare to think of loss...what with Handsome gone for so long
I cannot give up hope that he may return some morning
Life is a thread that connects me to all
even the squirrels of my yard and the feral cat, Handsome

I am almost ready to say
Autumn, I welcome your change

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's still hot this morning
but I sip my coffe in the shade of an umbrella
on the deck and watch the goldfinch at his favorite feeder
..a garden chandelier that I have re-purposed
I need to get some more mulch for my lilies
and I know that I will bring home a plant or two
while I'm there....I love garden centers
and there is always room for one more plant
sultry....the garden is sultry today
...a wench word of joy if you work it right