Thursday, May 19, 2011

 My dear husband calls such things
my clinking clanking clattering collections of caliginous junk
ah, but he's wrong
rather they are bright brilliant illuminated light lucid
radiant shining visible lucid loves of mine hanging from every tree
With the slightest breeze
with the early rays of morning light
or the dazzling rays of a perfect sunset
they set this wench's being alive
with joy
and I didn't have to go to OZ to get it
it's in my own backyard find some red garden clogs


  1. I love your original wind chimes. : )

  2. I love it, must find one like it, or make my own before the day is over.

  3. I love your clinking clanking clattering collections of caliginous junk! I have some too!
    'hugs from afar'

  4. I love garden jewelry and when it is made with copper even better, the developing patina is magical.

  5. I'm sure you know I love this kind of stuff, too =-) I have a lot of it...and I can't get enough =-) I love that one in the photo!

  6. Oh Kristen! that's what I call it
    jewelry for my trees..ha hha
    patina...oh yes wabi sabi love

  7. Oh Bee, I thought of you today whle gardening. The garden was abuzz with big bees...oh I love it
    SO happy that spring is in full swing
    and yes..I would have bet that you had clinking clanking clattering caliginous collection of junk too!

  8. Your little bit of paradise I'm sure.

  9. Wow, nice post.
    I am in Hawaii with family.
    Wonderful oh my wonderful.

  10. Oh, I love your CCCC of CJ too! You have to do a workshop at The Center! I want to make one too!

  11. Hello Christopher..for certain you are not in snow by now..could you have imagined that a few moths ago
    I hope you have a plant or two to is good for every man

  12.'re with your precious grandchildren....Oh how we miss them when they live so far away....
    and yours are so gorgeous too
    thanks for checking in...enjoy my dear friend your days of love


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