Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 The color green breathed life into this wench yesterday.
I had so much to do inside, but the call of joy won me over
and I spent the day pruning the deadwood out of the Dogwoods
and pulling out the last of the goldenrod which took over the garden last year
and yanking out as much of Deady nighshade that I could get my hands on
and for this I was rewarded with a tick in my hair
Yes, I said a tick..nasty little bug
I felt something crawling on my head and went right in to shake it off
into the sink..and was shocked to see
a tick fall into  my white sink
Oh lordie...and I just watched a special on PBS about Lyme disease and ticks
But I guess when you have skunks, coyotes,possums, racoons and a fox
bellying up to your Open Bar Of Joy
I guess you must expect them
I already wear gloves when I dig in the soil
Now I'll have to strip and shower when coming inside
hmm....not a bad idea for a wench.
..hee hee


  1. Looks like you and I were both enjoying the "green-ness" of the outdoors yesterday! Isn't it heavenly?!?!?

  2. Loving the 'green' too. Not all ticks cause lymes, just the deer or bear ticks that are the size of a pinhead. Nasty disease. My son, brother and one of my sisters have all had it, making them all sick differently, my son having the worse reactions. One of the vices of living in such lush wildlands. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
    BlessYourBarOfJoy(love that name)Heart

  3. This is my favorite time of year when everything is so pretty and green.
    I heard that tics are supposed to be bad this year.

  4. To be sure ticks do not get into the house you must strip off before you enter!

  5. You must have watched the same show as my daughter! It scared the crap out of her.

    P.S. The yard looks lovely :)

  6. Ha Stafford!
    I only wish that I could shower in sunlight...uh hum.... was frightening...
    Dar..did you see that show? Now I'm not sure I'm loving going into the woods...chronic lyme disease ...nasty
    and often missed
    Robin joyful green sisters....yes we be lovin our green

  7. Good you got it off while it was still crawling. yikes. I had one on my scalp one year too, after we had some new mulch delivered. Nasty bugger is right! Your comment about the shower is funny funny you. Stafford is hysterical! Oh Sue.

  8. April,I can rest at night knowing Stafford will make sure that the world has a bit of humor in it


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