Saturday, May 14, 2011

The crab apples lost their blossoms
the other day in the high winds of a storm
that never amounted to much
I was standing on the driveway as the pink petals
were swirling around
rather pretty and amazing at the same time
almost like seeing the wind
The next day pink colored the driveway

As I was weeding yesterday
a little bird flitted past me
scratching through the dropped seeds
It was the white- crowned sparrow
I think something wasn't quite right
it didn't fly away as I got nearer
thus the picture with this old camera
I saw a catbird and thrush also but they
are too fast for this wench
I hope to get a better camera soon
look out world

I though I lost all of my ajuga,also known as bugleweed
but here it a different place

oh the surprises of the garden
..why a daily walk is essential
..a meandering through
intensely looking for hidden joy

 The garden is filling with
joyfulness as the strong color of the azaleas
is like a samba
through the garden
Oh how happy I am
in my element


  1. You do amazing with an "old" camera! I love the fallen petals on the walk. I bought a point and shoot zoom camera a year and a half ago and it has changed my life! (strange to say about an inanimate, material thing, but true as it puts me in touch with nature and birds and plants which are my nonmaterial things. and grandchildren.)
    Love your words--"almost like seeing the wind"--yes!

  2. I enjoyed this post of poetic praises of the garden. Well done!

  3. lovely...

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  4. I'm amazed at all the color you are seeing just a couple zones from me...
    wish you lived closer...I gladly would have taken you on the clock tour. It was wonderful.
    BlessYourFortunateHeart as I have only one bloom so far, finally a daffodil today in the cold rain.


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