Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's just say that we coexist
I was hoping that letting this old dead white pine
to remain in the garden, would bring about more woodpeckers
not hawks
This one is always trying to crash into the Open Bar of Joy
I think he is not afraid of me anymore
my arm waving, my shooing
He waits until I walk right under the tree
before he takes wing
But today I am actually happy to see him
It's warm , and the garden is muddy and messy
He is majestic sitting there
Why when I was a kid growing up in the city
we never saw birds like him
and now he's a frequent fly over
Harry Hawk....goodmorning

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He slobbers up my windows
waits for me to notice him
looks for human weakness  kindness
keeps his dignity
by stepping back
while I place out a dish
of warm chicken on this cold day
This puss at my door is healing balm
...what is right about some things
...the magic of return
...the miracle of survival

Not bad
for a winter day

Friday, February 24, 2012

and again,
just when spring was almost within my
it snowed
A dreary, gray white-skied day
This is not good for the garden wench
Why, I was just about to get out my red garden clogs
woe is me

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This one

and this one
were doing this....
look closely
...see the hula going on?
no offense, Connie
but they were running and chasing
and flipping
and she (I presume)
was chattering her uncompliance
but he ( the one on top- I presume, but heck,
the way the world is going never know what the animal kingdome has
adapted to)  missionary may be out?!
but I digress
just know that love was in the air in my garden

and here

and Oh....look who was peeping away
pecking away on my white oak
a female hairy woodpecker flowers of the garden, right now

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I found this little artist's card tucked in a garden book
that I was traveling in
Oh, how I need sunshine and flowers
right now
But I must wait until it is time
when it happens all by itself
without help from me
is the garden
I went to Home Depot yesterday
and bought myself some new garden tools
Cheered me up
infected me with anticipation
for more flowers
And I gathered up all my seed packets
Held them in my hands like a royal flush

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sharp-shinned hawk

A sharp-shinned hawk
in my garden
and right outside my window
as I walked inside the kitchen after being in Galena all weekend
and of course I couldn't find my camera
and when I did he raised his wings
and I just shot before he lifted off.
I did a bird count in Galena
but who knew I'd come home to see this fella least he didn't carry off one of my precious squirrels
....Happy won the lottery today and don't know it

Friday, February 17, 2012

I dreamed of the garden last night
Must be the books and garden blogs I have been obsessed with lately
planning and dreaming
dreaming and planning
Just looking at old pictures of past gardens
...for we all know the garden is never the same...
My heart beats faster
just thinking of new plantings
in my rain garden...!! oh a rain garden!
and the new trellis I am going to have for my clematis
and the new birdhouses, and feeders
and the new patio.....after the deck is taken down
oh my
so many dreams
I cannot wait until my
Open Bar of Joy"s
gate is open
hours  6am-9pm

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It rained.
The morning light shining through drops hanging on the tips of branches
brought me joy.
The ground was muddy
and the air a bit chilly,
but the season of spring
was warming up her vocal cords.
I will have daisies again this year
I saw them greening up their crown.
Daisies to some are easy plants to grow,
but I somehow never had any luck with them.
Last summer I bought large plants
and put them near the oak hydrangeas
and they have come back...

I have big plans for revamping the garden this year, 
now if only the body holds out
or I get knowledgeable help

I have a wet area in the garden
maybe I will stop fighting it and make a rain garden
sedges already grow there

ah...the daisies

ah..the light
It's what got me out this morning
and soon the drops will be gone
but I was there
to see them

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February morning in the garden

When it happens to is magic
the faithful return of the daffodils
..the morning sun warming their green

This fellow greets me every time I walk in the garden
always smiling...rain or shine or snow
as does the real sun

I love moss...
have I told you that I love moss?

I always get a chuckle when I walk in the morning and see
who was there overnight ..walking in the garden
and I thought I didn't have any rabbits..huh!

ah..a spirit rock..that I missed
poor fella had to spend the winter in the cold

I have to admit that I will miss the bare branches of the white oak
Don't tell him..but he's getting a trimming this year

Do you stop and feel joy 
when you happen upon footprints in the snow?
man and it is in life this day
we travel paths others have traveled
all the time
think of this when you step
who has been here before me
whose spirit passed this way?

Oh lordie, I just found this squirrel nest this morning
tucked  way up high in the white pine
I'll be watching it for little ears

pachysandra...even winter yields to it

I heard chattering
oh someone, sitting on the neighbor's playhouse
right below the nest that I just discovered
hee hee

oh , glorious morning light
hello Lord

The garden
a place of communion this morning

Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday I was speaking to my husband about miracles
could tests be wrong....could Handsome still be alive

praise be
at least one happened
It has been almost a year since I saw this fella
and he wasn't looking too well at the time
and low and behold
he appeared at my back door this afternoon

oh ye of little faith

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It is sunny today, but very cold
Snow fell yesterday, a pretty big flake snow
blanketing the garden
That is such a cliche way of saying that
but it's just how it looked
a big white blanket covering everything

Today, with the bright glorious sunlight
 the trees have lost their covering of white
but they cast wonderful shadows onto the snow

 my wards are out..looking for food
just like the kitties do inside.....every morning

It is a joy to look out of the window and see them
flitting and scurrying around
and if you look closely in the photo of the garden bench
you will see a dove hiding out on it
blending in  :)

But the real joy came this morning
in the light
 I know God said that he was love
but I think he held back
for us to discover him in other ways

I think
God is light


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

They worked hard on getting this nest to stick
The nest has survived thus far through the winter
and  I am certain that there is something going on up there
oh woe....more squirrels
It must be the peanuts I hand out
But on these long winter days, I am truly grateful
for their antics
they keep me looking
they make me laugh when I find very little reason to
in my own private world of winter
here's hoping for spring
and all the promise and hope
for beginnings

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm going squirrely

The only things in the garden of interest are the squirrels
I counted nine running through the trees
across the fence and into the pines
oh dear
Which one is my Happy Jack?
I think there is a "mixer" going on in my garden.
It is cold today and oh so gloomy
When of when will the sun come out
when will I see the first hint of bloodroot,or
I said I would embrace this winter season
but it hasn't even been a good winter!!
Bring it on, Spring!

Monday, February 6, 2012

 I remember the day I dragged this home from the garden center
it barely fit into my girlfriend's van (yes, we must have partners in crime)
We spent a few hours figuring out where it should go
finally deciding it should go under the Japanese maples
It was a good decision
I especailly see that now
as it lights up my heart with joy
bare branches setting it off
giving it a wabi sabi feel
as it rests there rusting away in such beautiful tones
and any beauty in the garden at this time of year is welcomed
even if there isn't a single bee buzzing around it

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February love

What can I say?
Love is in the air?


Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking for joy in the garden this morning
in My Open Bar of Joy

sometimes it is just composition
compliments of Mother Nature,
that I thrill in

needles,leaf and stone

hmmm...someone has been gnawing
ha! my own mulcher
Happy Jack..thanks

oh, and always on the hunt for hearts

  I hung these clangers over the feeder to discourage the squirrels
ha...they loved it

Now this beautiful babble I should have brought in
It is one of my favorite stopping things
something that when I pass it
I always stop to admire it
and think
It mixes well with the iron
oh wabi sabi in the garden

lookie here.....dafs!
be still my joyful heart...soon..color

I love dropped branches
and the river birch obliges
still lifes everyday

be-still life

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