Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There is hope in the garden
Though I am weighed down right now
with the news of a wonderful writer,friend,mentor's
Though I am weighed down by a friend's suffering chemo
and loneliness
Though I am filled with prayers for good news forthcoming
for a family member
though, though, though
all this worldly spirit weight of the being
There is the garden
hope and promise
rising through the wet mud
gray days
cold air
Despite all this harshness
m' lady garden
Continues the process
it is called to do
Lady Robin has finished her nest
despite horrible rain and wind
She kept picking grass and mud
arranging and rearranging the lining of her nest
swirling around and around making it just right
for her eggs
Now she is settled in
I assume she has eggs now
....Yesterday she sat on that nest
while it rained
and rained
...and it was cold
But she did what she was called to do

all over
the blood root rises


and the bluebells

the aconites

the trillium

and the sedum

I thought to save this for my artist friend, April
...she loves nature stuff
(for her studio)
I think I have waited too long

Even the common daffodils
are risen from the desolate looking earth

and the peonies
Nothing special happening in my garden
....the ordinary
but the ordinary
is my saving grace 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do you know what this is?
...the beginnings of?

yep, there she is rearranging

rubbing her body around and around
forming a little muddy cup
..sigh..with Reagan's last year's Easter grass that she scatterd all over my yard
do you remember?
Golly look at what last April looked like last year!
...not a single leaf is out now

I guess I need to stop scolding myself for not doing a great job
of cleaning up last Fall
and I need to halt spring clean up
by the landscapers in this area
.....critters and birds first
 The weatherman says it is going to reach 70 today
I'll believe it when I feel it
But Mrs. Robin may stifle my gardening joys today
I don't want to scare her away...
what with a bird's eye view from my study window
...and if you know Me
You know that I LOVE robins

Handsome looked so pitiful yesterday
I locked Boo up in the basement and tried to catch Handsome
to bring him inside
Guess the guys not that weak
he ran
and cried
So I left him alone
He came back this find a new warm snugly tiger blanket
in his igloo and a warm bowl of chicken waiting

I know that everyday is an adventure
never to be offered again
so I will be outside today
I'll let you know what is showing through the earth spirit is hungry
for garden

Friday, April 12, 2013

Every year this pair walks through my yard
quaaaacking a low quack
she scurrying around
he a watchful eye on everything
One year they actually nested in my blue bells
layed an egg
then abandoned it
and some mr racoon
I think took off with the little egg
I rejoice quietly
when I hear their quacks
somehow it comforts me
this cycle of life
going on in my own backyard garden

It has been a sucky winter and so far
a sucky spring
cold wet windy
but oh my looky here....daffodillies
thank you thank you
trumpets of spring

ha! who knew Mr. Cardinal would go to the Handsome's carryout
diner for his lady's meal
Maybe just maybe
Spring is just about to come over the hill
! joy !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long Winter

I awoke this morning and thanked God for another morning
though lately my days have been dull and busy

and I was also grateful for another morning with Handsome
He's not been looking too well lately
thin, dull fur, bent ears, runny nose, sneezing
But some days this is my happiness of joy
seeing more day
The guy's used up all of his nine lives and then some
But God has given him another morning too
and so we rejoice together
two suffering souls...finding and giving comfort to each other
Yes, some days I have wild in me
belonging to no one, journeying through
and over rough paths
finding shelter where I a spiritual way
...sort of on the run
mostly from myself and the disquiet within

I fed him a bowl of warm chicken
he meowed his gravel truck meow
and I made a bowl of oatmeal

We watched each other
through the glass door
our stomach hungers fed
ready to venture into a new day
He to rest awhile posing as a kept kitty
me to get to work
posing like I knew the answers