Thursday, October 10, 2013

Took a walk through the garden this morning
with an open heart..
I sat a while to clear my mind of anything but the moment
and then I looked up
 and saw the light coming through the delicate flower
of the heavenly blue morning glory
God in flower

I looked down and saw this tiny slug
slimming over a recently cut tree
a mulberry
but he made it a dance floor
and I watched until a flock of robins
flew overhead and raided the mountain ash
the Roam tree
I am blessed to have two in my garden
this ancient tree of protection
I need to gather some dry branches
tie them with red thread
and place them over my door
just a symbol
but I am a wench after all
and so much a gypsy of the wandering soul


my temple bell is certainly
wabi sabi in the garden
On a windy day I absolutely love sitting in the garden
listen listen to all the bells
I am taken away by the sound

Oh..poor bunny
someone knocked you down
or maybe you were star gazing last night
I understand
or you were recharging your energy
gathering it from mother earth at your back

Oak leaf hydrangea
I love you most in autumn
I promise to water you more
next season of growing
living water
that's what we all need
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I cannot tell you what overcame me this summer
that I so neglected my garden
life, I guess
I let others prune my bushes and weed my garden
and they almost destroyed it
But I know better
Every year in the garden is a new garden
and I expect that when the first robin returns
  a spiritual match will light the dry kindling inside of me
and nature will be faithful and there will be survivors
and I will begin again
walk barefoot on the earth
receive its energy
I'll dig out my gloves and hat
and tools

We'll begin the creative process all over again
and there will be joy
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