Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunch today with my mom was a delight
We also managed to swing by a few garden centers
and boy did we load up my car with plants
Tomorrow we will be heading off to Galena
so the garden will have to wait somemore
oh dear
I did take an afternoon stroll and found this volunteer
Oregon Grapeholly growing in the sweet woodruff
I have never tried to transplant one..maybe this year
The robins are crazy over the berries in the fall
waiting till they are good and fermented
they always manage to "plant" some seeds before they leave
Now if they could only plant roses


  1. Sounds like a good way to spend the day. : )
    BTW - I've been getting the odd street names in Columbia, Maryland.

  2. hee hee they just wonderful Happy one..keep them coming

  3. Oregon Grape Holly grows wild all over up here now. But here's an interesting thing: I never saw any until a couple of years after I planted one! I wonder...?

    How is your dear little fox doing? Have you seen Handsome?

    Blessings to all...


  4. Nice you had lunch with your Mom - and I know you had a great weekend in Galena. What did ya buy? Any treasures?

  5. Sounds like you and mom had a great day. I know you will have fun with the plantss.


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