Saturday, April 30, 2011

wild one

Celandine poppy
a woodland delight blooms alongside bluebells
I have had trouble keeping their numbers up in my garden
don't know why
But it is a strange thing these plants
all plants of the wild kind
they grow where they grow
Like in my neighbor's border of red twig dogwoods
I spotted them this morning
just as I was lamenting how few are coming up this year
and there was one! growing in his stone mulch (?)
Hey..I said..You are supposed to stay in my garden!
I will have to speak to my neighbor about relocating it
to its proper place..he won't care
would probably yank it out anyway
The man is a Neanderthal when it comes to gardens
all he cares about is grass..nukes it with everything burden I know
Hard to live next door to someone who doesn't see joy
in flowers other than the marigolds that surround his pool
But he is a nice fella.I guess I should give thanks for that
...otherwise I'd have to be a common thief
and take the poppy while he wasn't looking
Hey...wenches have been known to do such things
for love

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