Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh, a storm in the garden
a magical time of thick heavy air
still, then suddenly almost violent
We got pounded with hail
and I thought about the toads
glad that they have rocks to hide under
One was right on my driveway
as the trees were waving around bending
to the wind that brought heavy rain
I chased him back into the cottoneasters wench says the toad knows what he's doing
and I shouldn't interfere....what's he know

But today, this morning, after very heavy storms last night
the garden looked like Eden
heartbreakingly lush
and a few more flowers opened

Now these hornets...nothing stops them
that nest is getting bigger by the day
look how complicated it is
Luckily they aren't bothering me
they are too busy I guess
but yikes anyway

The grapes of the grape hollies are turning ripe
Drunken robins soon in my open bar of joy

I wish you could feel the heavy moist air
the hot air that fills the garden
helping the flowers and the earth to release their
growing a greenhouse
I am so enjoyng being in the garden this morning
I am feeling better and my mood is bright
and this walk through the garden is like
a tranfusion of joy
and not one thought of winter itches me
Poor folks on the other side of our planet
drowning in darkeness...Angela....and weary
from no flowers or color
bake some cookies or make soup
Ah are mine
for now

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have not seen the hummingbird at this beebalm
but I saw him again early this morning
having a sip with the red beebalm

ah...the Joe-Pye weed is about to bloom
It seems this year it isn't so tall
as in years past

oh how I love the daisies...these have risen high this year

the false indigo has set pods already
a bit of winter color to come

and the roadside asters are starting to bloom in the back "40"
I wonder what will be left to bloom come juy and august?

and look at this big it has gotten
It is the nest of the bald headed hornet
yikes.....stay away
but gone in winter....first thing on my list come Late december

If I had my way I would have more and more of these
so beautiful are lillies

but I am getting tired of fighting grape vine and woodbine

This is my new chocolate joe-pye weed....
I think it is going to be happy here

I am having a hard time keeping my potted plants hydrated
and today the heat will be blistering
I'm not feeling well today so it is just as well
that I stay inside on the sofa
drinking tea and eating soda crackers
Hope you find some joy in garden today
while I rest
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm not very talkative lately
nor word-ly inspired
All the more reason I need my garden
It soothes me
unfolds beauty to me
makes joy rise in me
Like early yesterday morning
when I was out putting in some new butterfly weed
that I bought in Galena
Well I was poking around in the soil
happy as a kid in the sandbox
when I headr this low hummmmm
I looked around and there it was
not a foot away from me....a beautiful hummingbird in the beebalm
poking away himself
I stayed perfectly still and watched him do his work
and then he zipped up....hovered and was gone
joy....for me
Early this morning I took a walk around
assessing the work to be done before the 102 degree heat of tomorrow
and I was quiet and stood over the garden
and watched my visitors......bugs and a mouse
a toad, a cedar waxwing,robins,goldfinches
so much to see this morning dill....I have to stroke it as I pass by....releases a childhood memory of home

this flicked

This tree just grew here by itself...not sure what it is...may be a cherry tree
but the waxwings love it stays
May you find joy this day is there

Sunday, June 24, 2012

we were in our beloved Galena this weekend
magic place for us  me
We got new windows put in
my my my just like a new dress
or a great haircut....beautiful
It was a perfect we went to our favorite garden place
Murphy's garden, and did some plant buying!
where will I put them...even Mr. Wench picked out a few!
As we were admiring her show gardens...and I mean admire
(my camera...home) I was admiring her gardens I amost scared her to death when I let out a shout
and just like that she said
Oh that is Persicaria polymorpha......White dragon fleece flower
after years of it showing up mysteriously.....and not know what the heck it was
only that it smells like a cow barn..and that the insects LOVE it
No one could tell me what it was
white dragon fleece flower!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea wants out

I need eric the bug guy to tell me not to panic
what are those things!
nasty looking ...and with my allergies....
do I hear anyone say epipen
come winter.....gone

I try to stir joy in my being everyday
but with a lead heartache weighing me down
it is a big task
and today as I walked around and observed the goings on in the garden
I was no accident that the good Lord began it all in a garden
placed humans there to breathe their first exhale
as God breathed into them the breath of life
Am I  seeking a recharge?
lately I feel guilty sitting and walking in the garden
unable to work in the garden.......too many rashes
having a garden you can't work in is almost poison fruit
Oh well....I feel better telling you this..
The chicadees are gone, the juncos are gone
the cardinals and robins are still here....and this morning I heard the call of the crow

new blooms

the asters are blooming already!?

this is the new bird feeder I told you about
its for mealworms
...but I hate I have put seed in it
take me to your people