Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring makes its own statement,
so loud and clear that the gardener
seems to be only one of the instruments,
not the composer

..Geoffrey Charlesworth

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh the lovely aconite
It all seems so hurried this year
not a chance to gasp in surprise
or stop in delight at the ephemerals and early bulbs
Everything all at once
...a hurried spring....
Every branch and twig
every crown
leaves popping out thorough the ground everywhere
and I haven't even finished my clean up
Today it is to 80
oh dear me...that is too warm for now
I am still having problems with my rash
guess it wasn't from my meds...
and yesterday when I came inside from pruning
I itched like crazy
Oh dear
My husband says to hire someone
They wouldn't know what to prune and pull
not even if I told them....I have to do it myself
and I am struggling with this rash setback
What if it is something in the garden?
oh not that
I came across my garden toad yesterday
Oh I love them....he squealed when I picked him up
I am so thrilled that my garden is healthy enough for toads and bugs
This year I pledge to not use any chemicals weed killer on my lawn
I am now a zealot for natural...let the clover flourish
I would show you my mess in the yard....heaps of branches and dead stuff
but it is overwhelming for even me to look at
and our town has not started pick up yet...what will I do?
I guess I'll bag and wait for real spring to arrive
still dreaming and planning everyday on how I am gong to change a few things
in the garden.....
Oh it is all too exciting

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I couldn't help myself
I went outside
into the garden...prednisone or not
I'm finished with them anyway...last pill last night
I still itch a bit....but's 80 out there
And I was rewarded
I think I cried 3 times over flowers
and my body went into an altered state
of joy...just sitting on the concrete garden bench
so many birds singing right over my head
Oh Lordie it was ecstacy
for this garden starved woman
and my beloved bloodroot
Oh how I love them...such happy flowers
poking their heads through the debris of winter
Now I have the itch to plant and mess around in dirt
but it is way too early....nasty trick being played on us here
Tonight there is supposed to be a storm...There go those precious white petals
But I broke the rules and saw them today in all their glory!
.....and this was my confession

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's never wholly ours

It's 70 today and sunny
but sigh again, I am supposed to stay out of the sun
because of a drug reaction, and a huge rash
which is almost gone due to prednisone...
nasty stuff
Besides, I had my book club today,Bookies
we read The Kitchen House
Look, the blood root is coming up!
that's it...spring is officially here
I love blood root...a little miracle of a flower

and then there are broken pots and things
that I just leave to have a relationship with the soil

Walking along I can smell the earth,
and hear the birds chirping everywhere around me.
Why two ducks just flew right over me,

and the lillies are rising out of the pachysandra
little joys

I read this quote in a garden book
it is now in my journal,
I share a joy:

"Nor is the fragrant garden ever wholly our own... Over hedge or wall, and often far down the highway,
it sends a greeting, not alone to us who have toiled for it, but to the passing stranger, the blind beggar, the child,skipping to school, the tired woman on her way to work, the rich man, the careless youth."
-Louise Beebe Wilder

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring clean up has begun
Oh what a mess it makes
but it has to be done
clip, rake, bag
As I stood in garden yesterday and looked around
it did my being good to think about the miracle
that will shortly transform this barren mess
 into a refuge
of spirit


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

is this a sign?
Look who I found on the ground while
cleaning up the beds?
little miss loved that witch
last summer
I thought she took it home

It was 63 out this afternoon
but oh so windy
Every wind chime
and bell and gong
was going off
My tree's jewelry
swinging in the gusts
Oh it was Divine

But I found out...I'm not getting any younger
despite the yoga
the hand weights
the (ugh) walking
This was work!
...cutting away volunteer bushes
and old growth

Why this gourd birdhouse
was new...just purchased in the fall
at a craft fair....rotten Happy Jack

I saw little bits of green poking out all over!

and Mother Nature never fails
to stop me in my tracks
with her artistry
It was a good good day
in the garden..
OH....and a spider ran across my fingers
and I heard a crow...caw cawing
We don't get crows...
it was a sign

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Gardening is what we gardeners like to do:
digging, fussing with our plants, weeding, deadheading...
all the soothing creative labor that goes into
maintaining our personal Edens...
-Page Dickey

oh! sunshine today....
new clippers in hand
familiar old gloves
and a smile on my face..
see ya

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wouldn't you know it?
Today, when the sun is actually shining
I have so much work to do inside
that I will only permit myself to cast a glance out my kitchen window
shadows in the garden
you have to love them
Lately that's how I feel
like a shadow on a fence
full of mystery, even to myself

I need to get this work done tomorrow
when it is supposed to be 58!
I can get out there
in my Open Bar of Joy
and clean up a bit will be opening day

Sunday, March 4, 2012

mums the word

I shall hold on to life
stirring as it is
in the debris of winter
fall's last hurrah that's
succumbed to the earth
to return again....
as little bits of green

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh March
how I wish you were July
I would pinch the cheeks of your Anna belles
and lift your bee balm beauties unto my lap
I would sit in the shade and have quiet conversation
with the ferns and hostas
enjoy robins singing on the roof,
...splashing in the baths
Oh March, I wish you were July