Tuesday, May 17, 2011

 I have a good husband.
He knows my heart.
So when I discovered that my fox visitor
was dead
and I cried
cried hard
He let me have my sorrow
not a word of jest or mockery
or criticizing
just a big quiet hug
 The fox came to me old and weary
not like the handsome animal above
He stayed a week sleeping in Handsome's Igloo house

curled up on a blue and white knit afghan
like a happy pup

I know some of you are horrified
that he died under my deck
But I am honored that his journey ended here
he had nothing to fear from me
I saw him as a messenger
and I mourn for him
I will think of him
beautiful and running free


  1. ah i am sorry
    i had wondered where he was
    as you say
    a nice moment of shared time

  2. Oh I am sorry. Animals know a loving spirit when they choose someone to be near. You gave him the gift of hospice. And he gave you the gift of his trust. To be trusted like that is a beautiful thing.

  3. Kristen, what you say has touched me..thank you. Hospice..yes it was

    Lucychili...thank you for your nice comment

  4. He knew where he was honored and safe. They just know. My heart was breaking for you because I knew it would hit you hard. You did a good thing. Wish I could give you a hug.

  5. Oh Bee,I felt your hug thank you
    I have a connection with animals and birds and turtles..all living things really....when they suffer..oh I suffer...I've had this affliction since I brought home my first wounded garter snake at age 7...and put a bandaide on him....much to the mockery of my brother
    This wench now has a foxy garden

  6. Awwww, Suz,
    I know how much you loved that fox. He is in foxy heaven now., poor thing. I know I was one that advised you to be careful, but I, too, am sad. I hate to see the animals suffer, let alone pass. It's a part of the ' circle ' that I wish had a detour.

  7. Wow, Suz, your writing is beautiful. a Moving post today, just beautiful.
    Have a sweet Midweek o xx o

  8. Animals know when they are in a safe place. This wild fox chose you and your home.
    Tears are allowed. They represent his beautiful life and his final choice.
    What an honor!

  9. Oh Sue - Beautiful words in his memory. You gave him safety for his journey at the end. He knew. Yes, he's running in the wide open sunny fields now with his tail renewed and flying, and with no worries. You know, I am crying with you.

  10. yes, I know April...poor animals

  11. So sorry Suz, but so glad he found you and was able to spend his last days safe and comfortable. That is a wonderful thing. x


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