Monday, June 27, 2016

sort of back into the garden

Oh dear
I thought I'd write a bit
but everything didn't cooperate
this happens a lot lately since passing the unholy age of 65
But I miss my blogger friends
especially the garden and animal loving ones
so here goes....a few lines about my garden
It was a mess
really and truly a mess
I called in Pablo for help
he tore the hell out of it and got it straight
I'm too old for the hard work
But now that it is whipped into shape
I started
and wouldn't you know that nasty poison ivy from last year reared its ugly horrid head
but this year I knew what I was looking for
and despite making a pledge years ago about using chemicals
I sinned
had to.....
It's 90 outside
so I did a bit of watering and weeding
and then  almost fainted from all that hot sunshine
getting old is a bitch
I used to move furniture around the house like it was nothing
now, moving a hosta plant all about does me in
more tomorrow