Friday, April 27, 2012

I taught them to like squirrels
to watch them as they flew up the tree when their dog, Dutch, appeared
watch them as they grab a seed and run off and bury it in one of Grandma's pots (!!!)

We looked for birds everyday
even in the cold, and on rainy, windy, days.
It made my heart joyful to see their joy at spotting a new one...
sometimes from the kitchen window


They really got a kick out of the birds bathing
sometimes fighting to get in
I wonder if they have ever seen birds bathing before?

and then there was Dutch....above...his parting portrait
Oh he loved the yard
even when Little Miss took the Easter grass
and scattered it all over the garden.....
she remembered me saying how I often left string out for the birds
for nest building....Oh she was SO proud of herself

I showed them one of my favorite flowers this time of year
the wild Hyacinth
They did a good job of keeping Dutch away from it
Isn't that Easter grass stunning..............

how I miss them
I hope a little bit of me was taken back home
to Laguna their hearts

Friday, April 20, 2012

Gardening has been put on hold
The visiting grand kids and their bulldog
have made it impossible to do anything outside
except bubbles, toss the ball, tag...and
watching Dutch, the dog, prefer my beds to grass
oh dear.....oh my
But yesterday, while they slept in
I snuck outside
oh the morning light
and the rising perennials
they give me strength
and the good Lord has blessed my garden
with lots of wildlife....of the ordinary kind
but loved none the less
just watching the birds steal dry grass
and the doves waddle through the wild geraniums
and the bunnies try to figure out how to get in or out of the dog barricade :)
has lifted this tired old grandmother up
Yep, I'm ready for combat  the new day
OH.....they'll be gone all day today....'s raining

Saturday, April 14, 2012

bits of joy in the garden and Dutch, the visiting Bulldog

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last year's birdhouses
weathered just right
I hope to get back in the garden soon
the dog and the grand-kids love to play here
and I keep my mouth shut
every time they stray off into my beds
oh !!!
my precious ephemerals
It is what it is
life goes on
and the garden will return

Sunday, April 1, 2012

teach me to garden,Grandma

Can one love so much that your heart wants to burst?
This precious dear granddaughter
said the magic words to me this morning
Teach me to garden, Grandma
After a big hug I said, "Well, first we'll start with seeing."
....the garden will never be the same again...I thought to myself
She will always be with me....her words
..Who knows..maybe she will garden someday
California has wonderful weather....
and just maybe she got my green thumb
blessings and joy