Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh the frustration of cold days in the spring
especially the mornings when I like most to be in the garden
But life is much like the garden
you must be patient and adaptable to survive its fickleness
Last night as I laid in bed listening to the radio
I heard  there was a possible frost warning
Now, I was all snug in the bed and this wench
wasn't about to run all over the garden covering things
lord of the garden...Stafford, please keep the frost away
shazam... he's good...no frost 
This morning I saw that the wild hyacinth is blooming
amongst the wild geraniums and sweet woodruff
and a bearded iris bathing in light
and oh light and reflection in the water...truly a joy
and our Illinois wild columbine
and Solomon seal and wild geraniums
and my prized yellow trillium

A friend of ours died suddenly this past week
and I thought, while walking in the garden this morning,
of all the things he worried about
...things that don't matter any more

footsteps flatten grass
birds eat at feeders
presence left behind


  1. My mother passed away in December and she worried about the garden too. She would be the one running around trying to figure out what needed to be saved, covered, moved, etc. For Mothers day my husband and I planted a rose topiary in her honor. It is lovely. I should post a piece on my blog about that. Your photos are wonderful and I wish I could see your garden in person. It is gorgeous by photo, I can only imagine how lovely it is to be in it.

  2. It is a wonderful thing that you have honored your mother with a special plant..a rose..in the garden.
    tend the memory....write about it in your blog for sure...
    my garden is a special place, if only to me...it nurtures me beyond the toil I put into it...a sacred place of being.thank you for commenting Kristen


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