Sunday, May 15, 2011


 I was so happy working up a sweat
in the Open bar of Joy, weeding and pruning and planting
But the temperature has gone from 90 to 40
and it has rained for two days

I don't mind the rain really, it's pretty seeing all the green lushness
dripping and shining in the garden, the birdbaths staying full
The robins enjoying their baths in the showers
A delightful sight from my kitchen window
...and right outside my patio door
I can see my new gnome who is riding on an owl
while holding a fishing pole
He looks rather wise, yet playful..devilish actually
So I have named him Stafford.
..conductor of the garden
he's rather cute...don't you think?


  1. Morning friend...came over from Helen's blog (Living Boldly)..Love your flowers and Stafford seems to be doing a great job og tending the gardens! lol I love being outside and seeing all of nature in her glory..we have several different colors of blooming crabapples in the back yard and I love it when they 'snow' on the grass! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday sweetie....Picket

  2. Actually we (the owl and I) are about to take off for a hootenanny at the home of her friend the goat. Boy!... when they get together! The glasses are off because I am terrifired of heights and that damn owl just loves to cloud scrape!

  3. just cheeky
    cloud scrape...ha ha
    Fine name for him.. isn't it?

  4. What fun! Love Stafford.. and oh yes Cloudscrape!

  5. Stafford is the best....
    so happy that I "know" him
    keeps me giggling

  6. I like Stafford! He make a wonderful accent to the garden, conductor too, I am sure.

  7. I like the garden after rain too. Everything so clean a fresh looking.
    Gnomes are always a little frightening to me. Must be something from my childhood. : )

  8. I do think he is rather cute. It turned cold here to and that was the end of the planting. I ran out of room anyway, but like you I enjoy being out in my yard.

  9. Stafford is a very appropriate name. He is quite the looker, and he fishes. Ya gotta loveum.
    Cold here too, but the sun is shining.

  10. I love it! I must get myself a Stafford or at least his brother for my container garden.

  11. I rather like his cranky presence


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