Thursday, May 12, 2011

 The Celandine poppies are blooming
along with the weeds...!
This morning it was glorious being out in the garden
The birds were bathing like crazy
right in front of me and the little white crowned sparrows
were flitting about only 2 feet away
I could spend my entire life in a garden
surrounded by plants and animals
Yesterday afternoon in the 90 degree heat
while I was rearranging the rock pile
my toad appeared
Oh this is a good sign
I can for sure open the bar of joy!



  1. Hi Suz, I don't know nearly as much about flowers as I would like, but I do enjoy them. DD, your latest follower :).

  2. A wonderful place to be!

  3. Celandine poppies are my favorite woodland flower! We don't have them here in s. TX but they grow outside my son's guest house in Missouri where I love to visit in the spring (and all year, of course, but the poppies make the spring especially lovely!)
    I am enjoying browsing your blog.

  4. DD yes it is

    Hello Kay, thanks for visiting me...yes I love the celandine poppies
    I don't know why they don't sell them in garden centers...But maybe that is a good thing...they would probably steal them from the wild..a no no
    I am a woodland the woodland wild flowers...especially in the Wild. There are a few places here where I can go and fill my heart with the sight of them...but those places are vanishing...Now I'll hop over and visit you...


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