Friday, January 25, 2013

a mink?

We don't have mink here in our suburb.

I once had a baby muskrat fall down my window well
and a sick fox called my deck home for two weeks before he died under my deck
and an injured goose with a broken wing
and countless dogs and cats appear at my back door
but a mink?

Could he have been an escaped pet?
or does he live mysteriously in my neighborhood?

He was tiny.
He struggled to eat the dry food
He had an injury to his neck fur as if he had been caught somewhere.

He stayed about 10 minutes then scampered off
leaving the little child inside of me filled with joy
and wonder


Thursday, January 24, 2013

The dove
the mourning dove
One of the garden's simplest pleasures
to watch
This one sat there for about 15 minutes
then flew down to the ground
picking around the snow dusted earth...
I took pity....and filled the feeders...
cast some on the gorund for her or him
....a kindness
that came back to me
When she sat again on the deck rail
and watched me watching her or him
Funny how a simple little bird
can brighten ones morning


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Morning sky
above the sleeping garden
We have gone over 300 days without snow
....I never thought I'd say
I am sorry about this

but it's part of the package of winter
beautiful morning snow
quiet snow
hush snow
blowing snow
the sound of shovels lifting snow
somewhere in the neghborhood
even the buzz of snowblowers are missed
people whose faces are covered with snow blowing back onto their faces
as they shiver clearing their driveways
ahhh...I miss it
and the branches of trees encased in beautiful glistening ice
and squirrels with snow covered whiskers begging at my window
Would you believe that I have green patches of grass still
in my yard
But I hear we are going into a real freeze this week
no snow, but frigid temps
Well I am happy to report my inside plants
are doing fabulous
and the big fern I hauled in and stored in the garage
is doing just fine
I lost a few geraniums...but oh well

So this morning when I looked out and saw this gorgeous sky
I felt all garden inside
and I wanted to share my joy