Monday, May 9, 2011

The fox was on the deck early this morning
sleeping all curled up
I let him be and made a pot of coffee
When I looked out again he was gone
I had a few errands to run today
but late morning I went for a walk outside in the garden
Little by little the weeds are going and the old stuff cut away
There was the distinct smell of what I now know of as fox
wafting through the yard as I surveyed the ground to see what new plant
is showing its glorious head
I can't believe how tall the Solomon seal has gotten...bells hanging off of it
Tomorrow I will post pictures of camera's battery today was dead
The wild geraniums and sweet wood ruff and ferns
are joining in the dance of spring merriment
as are the columbine and violets and trillium and golden seals
I got a new computer so I could have some peace.....not going to happen
I had to wait for the computer guy to come over to help me figure things out
That meant less time in the garden.....will it ever happen?
a full day outside with no interruptions
This wench is getting horny for the garden
hee hee


  1. I think that fox is there to remind you that you're a very "foxy" lady!!! Or should I say wench!?


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