Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

singing bell

This is a singing bell I brought home from Door County
It has the most spiritual sound when rung
a call to meditate
perfect for the garden patio
I just hope birds don't fall out of the trees
so peaceful is the sound

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sometimes an ordinary  coneflower
 does it
...brings joy

Friday, July 22, 2011

 It was a scorcher yesterday...102 degrees
The garden suffers under this kind of heat as do we.
I did my best to give relief of water to my flowers and fill the bird baths
after having moved them into a shady area
Nothing seemed to move much in the garden yesterday
but this morning it is 81 and that must seem like a day at the beach to my wards
For they are out flitting around and dipping in the birdbaths and squabbling over seeds
in the feeders...ah...they have come out to comfort me this morning
Praise God for the garden
And my family of squirrels is up to its old antics ... yes
Oh I didn't tell you about what happened the other day when a worker was in the yard
and a squirrel was jumping from one tree to another..and slipped off of the river birch branch
and landed on the shoulder of the man....yikes...I don't know who was more scared
thankfully no one got hurt....but we had a good  laugh
ah laughter.....
good medicine

Still no Handsome
I think my little furry ward
that I have cared for over 6 years
is gone...but I still open the drapes every morning looking for him
I need to hold onto hope

...maybe some wonderful older lady has taken him in
and he sleeps in comfort on a satin pillow
his meals made fresh by her loving hand
who knows...maybe she needed him more than I
and that is where he is
I like that.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

late July heat

 Even in the shade, it is too hot
As I walked onto the deck with bare feet, I let out a loud ouch!
holy moly....could fry an egg on that wood
my poor tootsies
But I had to go out to fill the birdbaths
and ground baths...(for little creatures)
One robin sat on my windowsill...mouth open...looking very distressed
They are my wards after all... it is my duty to care for them
if they happen upon my garden...even in this heat

Yesterday the poor landscapers came to trim bushes (very late and over due I may add)
but it seems there is a shortage of laborers...even those who come here only in the summer
so these two fellas had to do it all
Today I went out early to do my walking
to sit...feel the heat..the sun
the tiny flutter of a leaf overhead
I loved the feel of the cool shaded grass between my toes
a bite of chocolate mint
dog days of summer

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 The cone flowers and daisies are blooming
and the day lillies and prairie flowers are spilling over the garden
as are the bell flowers, hostas, coreopsis ,bee balm,
joe pye weed,sage, and roses
This I have waited through a long bleak winter to see
and as I bath in all this joy
I look around for what is still to bloom
not much
obedient plant, cardinal flower,
and lead wort
Thank goodness for faithful annuals who give it their all
until frost
All of these friends I have depended on for moments
of joy, beauty and stillness
So fast, like life, this all is accomplished
 along my life's path
in the garden
We have achieved again this year,along with my garden wards,
a wild wonderful place of living


Friday, July 15, 2011

thinking of you

  I took a walk in the garden
let it speak to me
God walks gardens, too.

And as I walked along my garden path thinking of you and loss,
I became aware of early fallen leaves.
Who knows why they fell off of the tulip poplar tree?
Maybe lack of water, too much heat..nudged off by this week's storm
But there they were on the flagstone path,
reminders to me that soon all the leaves will be given up
in their appointed time.

And just ahead of me on the path of fallen leaves
I spotted the nodding flowers of the Easter Lilly.
I planted the bulb...but I was not the one who made it bloom.
I think of you .

The garden...a cathedral of zen
see what is before my path
take joy in the song of the robin
let my heart swell with the beauty of the blue shy
know that the apparently dead bulb
lived its destiny and bloomed
in the heat of this summer day
A glorious flower
as am I

stone path shows the way
fallen leaves on summer day
Easter lily seen

Thursday, July 14, 2011

oak leaf hydrangea

 One of my favorite shrubs in the garden is the oak leaf hydrangea
I believe it is a native hydrangea
It has dramatic white blooms on it
that tend to turn pink as they age
 and then in the fall the leaves slowly begin turning the most magnificent colors of red
This year I noticed a lot of die back and began my work of pruning away the old dead woody branches
Its leaves are huge and beautiful and quickly let me know if I have neglected them
 This summer my garden has much to forgive me for..
 hopefully I am back on interruptions..only time
 to live in the tend it, and me

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

zen in the garden

 I need to sit
let go of my longing
hear birds
feel  breeze
smell flower
touch earth
see what is before me

I may be sitting a while

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 I thought it auspicious that  lilies graced the head of Buddha
 Sometimes these things just happen
..opened eyes see..

It made me think of the lilies I saw when leaving the writing workshop
I saw lilies hugging tree
that's what these opened eyes saw

The garden is in full in the moments

Saturday, July 2, 2011

magic vehicle

 I went about deadheading this morning,and this simple act
took me away
as the fragrance of spent marigold flowers released in my hand
a powerful vehicle for time traveling
As the scent began to enter my brain as memory
fragrance of another kind filled my being
longing for my grandpa and the days spent in his garden with him
a simple thing...who would think I would remember so powerfully this scent
that as an adult I seek out the dead flowers to rub between my fingers
to find him in the darkness of my closed eyes
for truly it has the magic to put me there

deadheading flowers
closed eyes I see him and me
magic vehicle