Thursday, May 5, 2011

It is still so cold outside
and the ground still moist
not nice to kneel on
But the garden goes on without my interference
and this brings me joy
Like spotting these Golden Seals rising out of the earth
These are honored guests of the garden
rescued plants that survived
now my wards

The garden...
A constant
growing things and seasons
wind and light
birdsong and insects
and fox
On my deck this morning... curled up like a good old pooch
As soon as things got stirring in the neighborhood
he was gone
I'm trying to ignore him
but tell me..could you have a fox sleeping on your deck
and not peek out the window?

Will it ever get over 70?
will I ever be able to spend an entire day outside?
I saw it squat the other evening and pee
a girl?
oh no


  1. Maybe some baby fox???? That is sort of funny. It will warm up, I promise. I didn't think it would and we are still a little on the cool side but I went to the Dr. without a jacket today!!!

  2. Oh, I have never seen a fox, but it would wake me up!

  3. Let's hope he's not a she...that could mean pups...and you sure do not want that no matter HOW cute they are...continue restraining...I know it is not easy....but soon,...soon
    BlessYourHeart Yes,I'd peek AND take pics

  4. Babies!!! They do just know, somehow, the safe places to be, don't they... I'd definitely be peeking =-)

  5. Oh, I wouldn't be able to resist peeking!

  6. oh dear Bee ,Victoria, I hope not
    I couldn't handle little kits running around
    how could I keep the city from finding out and trapping them ..they kill them here


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