Friday, December 28, 2012

Ah, the lone Chickadee
that graces my newly filled feeder
He better eat fast
the news will get out
and the squirrel will arrive
bully of the neighborhood
...for now...until the hawk shows up
So eat away little friend
You bring me a ray of joy
on this gloomy gray afternoon
as I try to triumph
over a nasty cold bug

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea stretched out in front of the patio door
and then hissed
Who's there? I asked her's Handsome...

here for a chicken handout.......stew bum he is
I Opened the door and called out Handsome...and he ran away off of the usual

I placed the bowl down and shut the door
and he quickly ran to the bowl and chowed down're fluffy today...I said.
Then I looked closer
Hey! your ears.....your ears
you are not Handsome!


He/she strolled off of the deck
and seemed to say
Yea, that's right....I'm not Handsome.
I'm Beautiful
I wonder if she will return
now that she knows that chicken is served
on demand

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late season
Bareness and shadows
a time when you can really see the bones
and the garden in late fall is
bleak too

Friday, November 30, 2012


every garden should have one
at least mine should

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Like an angel
like an old loved friend
he arrived on my deck this morning
I fed him warm chicken
and a bit of dry
Handsome ate... then curled up in his heated igloo
and took a snooze
like a beloved pet kitty
From a distance he looks at me and listens to me
call him Handsome
but he will run if I inch a breath closer
He will only come to the food bowl if I close the door
.....I can admire him through the glass
and that is it
But he brought my sagging spirit to joy
and warmth....just admiring him
 He brought me outside myself
good kitty

I think I'll take a nap too

Thursday, November 1, 2012

wabi sabi

I remember the day I brought this home
in the back seat of my girlfriend's van
She flirted with the store manager
to get him to help us load it up
We laughed all the way back to my house
Then get it up and standing before my husband
got home
Amazing what you can do when you need to
But today as I looked at it...rusting away
bound to the earth
baring many wind chimes cheerfully
I think about my friend...that friend that day
We had a falling out
that has lasted.....
rusting away with hurt feelings
now a patina to the memory of that day
many years ago
when we laughed so hard
of things brought home this day
in the garden
glad that it is closing up
I need the winter to think on things
maybe find contentment

oh my precious garden
again you speak

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Even Van Gogh liked to walk in leaves

Right now it's shuffling through leaves
those glorious remains of summer's life
as they dry and crumble below my feet.

But there is no sadness of this season passing
Winter on the horizon

No, I welcome it
walk in its beauty...all of its beauty
even the fallen beauty
....coat, hat and gloves on
....I even had a fire in the fireplace yesterday
hot cocoa in my cup
pouring through gardening books
for next year
Next year....The good Lord willing
I will once again begin again
my gardening joys
Only next will be less
.....I am happy with this thought
the garden will no less bring me joy
...and wonder and surprises
no it always delivers
I have a few more things to put away
to cut back
a few flowers hanging on....they don't want to go
but they will
Go to sleep I tell them
and when it's time
you can rise and bloom again
but for now
Like closing a book with a book mark
I'll know where to start up again...
where to find joy

Friday, October 26, 2012

I loved the sound of robins in the yard
I lingered a bit
just to listen
Soon they will be gone
and I will miss them so
So eat up full

Thursday, October 25, 2012

my flowers
the middle one is 30 today

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

glory....this morning
I opened  the door to it
yes, I did
The garden never fails
to present me with gifts
just when I need them
need to be reminded of the
ordinary glory that is all around....a speck of heaven- grace
that flickers in life...for all to see
It is this simple display of gracey blue
that lifts my day...about to begin
I have much to do in the garden...
last things.....before it is time to come inside
...inside.....I rather need this inside time
Today it is going to 78
a gift to this gardener who has been neglectful
of the chores to be done
today Missy...get it all done
gather up
put away
wash thoroughly
rake up the remains
say goodbye
say thank you
say see you next year
God willing

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh happy Jack....I see you
...saw you scouring around for peanuts
Well, I'm out of robbed the bag yesterday and ran
so now you have to wait
you little pig....and look at what you have done to that bird condo

ah...sister cone flower....rise
it is not too late
It is never too late for a woman to rise

Autumn takes away most of the flowers of the summer garden
but she paints a lovely leaf

tiny go girls

My beloved morning glories....oh you I will miss the most
I feel like the movie ...saying goodbye to the scarecrow
I know how she feels.....oh you make my heart ache a bit seeing your new buds
that may or may not unfurl

Indigo....false or leave a bit of yourself for my winter pleasure

this is the last of this flower..that I have a mental block about remembering its name
oh dear ..that's like forgetting what a dandelion is called
I better walk today...get the blood circulating

my little side garden....blustery with hydrangea balls
I used to take them in...but kitties like them too much
and what a mess they make

so I will compliment you here... in front of me
your autumn ball gown so perfect for the dance of Fall
And then there is you.....fern.....
you survived quite well in my dark, cold garage last winter
in  doubled in size this year in the garden
who knew you would thrive in this summer's heat
I will take you in again...but it is going to be a task
I'll have to get a's hoping you make it again in my garage

I am awed by the process of season
how it journeys on whether we like it or not
whether there is a Republican or Democrat in office
whether I am feeling good or not
whether I am grieving or loving or fooling around
you march on.
Comfort..that's what I take in you
no matter what we humans do
the great plan continues
...getting ready to bring me, and anyone who will stop
and see and be, beauty, grace
of communion

Take my hand dear garden
lets belly up to the
Open Bar Of Joy
and rejoice in each other

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ah...another sign
the birds are migrating...moving and eating
storing up energy...picking my berries clean off of the bushes and trees
But...heh...that's why I planted them...sigh
So far I have seen
a thrush
a few different kinds of sparrow
 a kinglet
flocks of robins
a blue jay
and a downy woodpecker
Not bad for a morning
But unlike my friend Chris
I stink at photography...but my heart is in the right place


huh...there's Happy Jack
sneaking around...he thinks I didn't see him
take all of the peanuts this morning
Mr. Cardinal watched ME this morning
hmmm.....what was he thinking
chirping around me flying branch to branch

We had a moment starring into each others eyes
I stood there
frozen with joy
down to my feet for this beautiful morning
for these wards
I almost burst...a silent burst
what did I do to deserve this joy
it is a gift
I just unwrapped it

Monday, October 15, 2012

While I was away....
the garden has carried on
unbridled, free, wild
A lesson for a poet and writer
be free, unbridled...wild
oh the garden ..she teaches

I walked the garden this morning....chilly air..fresh into the lungs
The ground... wet from our almost tornado like winds and rain
Why ,the rain sheeted over our windows and the wind knocked patio chairs everywhere

But there are leaves that clung to their branches ...not ready to let go
sigh....I know this feeling too....not wanting to let go....face the change that is coming
But there is a time and season for everything
....hmmm...sounds like a '60's song

I will pay for letting this woodbine wander
but ah she's pretty now crawling over the mugo

I think fall is the best time for the oak leaf hydrangea
it is so pretty that you want to just stare at it
but...I like their flowers too


oh I love you for your stamina, you flower

 a  private all of life's moments
the best moments
... this morning when I just looked around
and marveled at the color of the leaves all around me
and the bare branches
There is no turning back
time really does march on
Octobers on

every season in the garden is filled with such private moments
of me and my spirit
and the great spirit
the garden makes it happen
this communion

oh, scarlet

Ahhh.....finally the marigold seeds reached their goal
blooms....better late than never
The flower just as beautiful
almost...more....she stands alone in her glory
I might take her in
Oh this chills me....makes me think how I took myself in
let her bloom late into winter
she's a beauty indeed

"I realize there is a Divine Presence at the center of my being,
I let this recognition flow down into the depths of my being.
Every thought and condition
contrary to the Divine Perfection is eliminated.
I rejoice in the realization."

....Ernest Holmes

flames of red and gold
a burning inside of me
blaze into winter