Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 It is finally happening
my heart, my spirit, my whole body
rejoicing in the garden
So much love I feel for this wondrous place
I thrill in the mystery every year
what tells them to wake up
to rise, to open?
What unseen conductor is here?
The violets right now are glorious
no matter what is next to them, be it
false indigo,ferns, or dandelions
it is a symphony of joy to me

purple petal joy
near you false Indigo true
the color of kings



  1. Love the violets. They sure are pretty.

  2. Wood Violets and Lily of the Valley are my favorite spring flowers. They all smell yummy enough to eat.
    BlessYourHeart....yours are gorgeous and so perfect like yourself

  3. 'what tells them to wake up
    to rise, to open?' Oh Suz... most species didn't and they are now fossils. These survivors are 'the fittest' but isn't it lucky we have receptors to see and smell them!
    Have you writen to your congressman/woman about climate change yet? No? Oh, you are so naughty!

  4. Stafford, no I haven't
    and yes I am naughty
    and hopefully one of the fittest

  5. Your garden is beautiful!

  6. Oh oh...those sweet violets.


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