Monday, May 2, 2011

Little weary fox
I'll not bother you for now
I have a front garden to tend
...and I really make nothing grow
it grows for someone else
That same someone you serve
without knowing

I walked out front and saw
sidwalk art
ash tree buds reflected on concrete
shadows of delight
like I was little again
and I would have missed it
if it weren't for you
forcing me out front
to wander this morning


  1. Lovely Suz, You have a way of capturing the moment.
    I love the art of tree shadows on concrete. Some people miss these beauties.

  2. Ooooooooooo pretty! It's a "pen&ink!

  3. I LOVE shadows! Sidewalk art...beautiful =-)

  4. farmlady , April, and Bee..not us
    we see them

  5. "Sidewalk art"...perfect.

    Bless you for taking on the fox as a ward. I hope Handsome comes home soon.

  6. So your fox has not gone away. I have heard they are afraid and run from people, but I do not want to find that out myself.

  7. yes Victoria..Handsome
    last time I saw him he had I think an abcess from a bite on his face
    he has survived much worse
    but I think he has used up his 9 lives all ready....I love that darn cat
    I pray for his appearance every morning..but I know one day, like all animals ..there will come a day
    that myheart will break for them and over them're funny

  8. art for sure.
    i love the tale of your fox.
    i'm so happy he had a safe place to rest and leave his body. what a gift.


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