Friday, December 31, 2010


We are always in a dual
me and hawk
yesterday afternoon he
decided he wasn't going to budge
and I... wasn't going to let him stay
Okay, we'll see
I got my camera,
put on my coat and boots
and headed his way
We played a bit of chicken he and I
but he blinked and few away
He'll be back...he likes my yard
But my wards are safe for now
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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Among the fury of footprints in the snow
some female alder catkins have fallen
Little pine cone- like beauties
hoping to last into the Spring
to kiss the warming earth and
fulfill their destinies

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

morning shadow

The joy of morning light
the sun, low rising, bright
on the horizon,
me standing in its beauty,
becoming one with
the chokeberry shadow
against the fence
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

future joy

I knew in late fall
that branches cut
from the mugos
would make a fine
brush pile
and I knew the joy I was
pushing into the future
would be there when bunny rabbit
and chickadee took refuge there
through the night and in the storm
This morning I found the joy
that I had planted in my winter garden
... footprints
...and a chickadee who flew out from the branches
as I came near
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Monday, December 27, 2010

through my window

Perched on the edge
a dove sits wary
Open water in the midst of freeze
It has need of water
to drink and to preen
survival pushing it to dip
into this mystery
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Friday, December 24, 2010

What grows

Long ago a seed was planted
and it sprouted

a garden of love grows inside me
and it began in a manger
long ago

Merry Christmas from my tree to yours!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I took a,a trudge through the garden this morning
looking ..looking
I found berries and birds
squirrels and bare branches
but this little patch of snow made me smile
Ah, what a composition,
Mother Nature
Fall leaves fallen on snow
dead asters bowing
I found joy this morning

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bunny prints
he must have found the fallen hawthorne berries
good for him
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beggar at my window

I love how squirrels pull their paws in when they are thinking
ever notice that?
This one for sure is sending me glares
and thoughts of his needs this cold and new -snow morning
I had to shovel my way out to put seed in the feeders for the birds
and for them, my pesky squirrels, who think I owe them
But the joy they bring me with their antics are worth it
I now have a new stray kitty that has been coming around for a bite
to eat .....Boo thinks it's wonderful his new friends at the door
and if my friend Mary hadn't rescued Boo..he'd be a feral cat
looking for food and shelter everyday himself
and living a horrible life full of dangers...
So thank you Mary for Boo
you saved a good one!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

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I know it was a miracle
an unexpected happenstance of nature
that three long earred owls landed
and stayed in my garden for two week
two years ago..but
I hold hope in my heart
that they will return

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I must guard myself from wishing for what will not be for a while
a garden filled with flowers and a warm breeze
For now I must enjoy the beauty I see
like snow gracing the branches of the white pines
and footprints in the snow
and the low hanging sunlight
shimmering against my wind chimes
and the birds
always the birds

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Annebelle hygraneas

Ah... from the window.. the Annabelles
folded over in cold
touching snow
I saw bunny and kitty prints through them this morning
what a wonderful small discovery
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morning opens gently

I love when morning opens gently. Though it is cold outside and the snow has turned icy, the garden is alive with activity for my viewing pleasure. This little fellow and his cohorts have eaten just about every seed I have placed out for all the wards to partake of for survival. That is one thing about squirrels,they eat and eat.
A brave one came to the window and looked in....are you home?
Today I feel centered in my being and he simply amuses me. I drink my coffee slowly knowing shortly I will answer his pleas and place out some peanuts that he doesn't know that I have stashed away. 
It will be an empty day for doing nothing but puttering. A day to be savored with just myself.
 I like days like that. Not the same as puttering in the garden, but things need tidying up and tending to and weeding inside as well.  But for now let the sun pour in and make me glad.

nuthatch poem

Quick,at the feeder,pausing
upside down,in its beak
a sunfower seed held tight
to glance by chestnut,dust blue,
white, an eye-streak
Gone in a blurred ripple
straight to the cedar branch
to the trunk to a crevice
in bark and putting it
in there, quick,with the others,
Then arrowing straight back
for just one more all morning.
-David Wagoner
This poet is an observer of the nuthatch, for sure.
Their curious behavior of grabbing a seed and stashing it is amusing to watch
Do they ever eat half of them?
Nature is funny that way..others do the work sometimes
But I'm certain it's all in the great plan of order
Today I delighted in watching a nuthatch
and thought of this well described

Monday, December 13, 2010

wards of the garden

cold blowing snow
it's tough out here
shiver,feather tuck
no coos
hope she comes out
and scatters some seed
yesterday I hear she brought
a dog inside
and that darn stray cat
how's he rate a heated house
and water bowl?
At least we have each other
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

gift of helping

It was so cold and windy this morning that I didn't go outside to look around. But something appeared on my deck and began sniffing around the birdseed that had dropped. Boo, my little kitty, was the first to notice this poor creature. I saw Boo's tail fluff up and saw him halloween kitty across the floor. Oh dear, I called out to my husband...there's a dog on our deck and his nose is bleeding.
We put Boo away and opened the door and the dog came right in and ate all of Boo's food. The poor thing was limping and had his tail tucked so tightly. The police came and got him and took him to the shelter to try and locate his owners...old tags around his neck.
My my you never know how your day will begin. But I am happy to have saved this pooch from further freezing.
To be able to help an animal on my birthday was quite a gift from the universe...thanks God
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

winter color

Winter color
that's what they call it
remains of grasses and evergreens
The only things that break up the bleakness of deep winter
We are not there yet, but I heard this morning that Minnesota has 18 inches already..we may get 6-8 inches ourselves tonight
Galena probably will get hit hard too....and we are going to miss that glorious feeling of being stranded in wonderland :(
But for now I must enjoy what is before me.
I fed the 7 squirrels that were in trees in my yard
Filled the feeders as the chicadees were complaining
and I made sure that the water was still heated in the birdbath
Oh what I do for my husband does not get it
That's why I all get it!
and I love you for it!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Was that a robin?

Oh my goodness,yesterday on my way out I thought I heard the chirp of a robin.
I've heard that some do winter over here in Illinois...but I think that is very rare.
I presume the one I heard was just a lazy, silly, procrastinating, daffy bird.
Our winters can be very brutal with frigid weather..and the snow can be deep,heavy and everlasting.
So I think most, if not all songbirds hightail it to warmer climates.
Yes, it was a robin. I spotted him on top of the hawthorn trees...munching away on those glorious cheery berries.
I hope he gets going soon.
But I have to confess that hearing his chirp made my heartbeat bounce.
In spring it is what I wait for...the song of the robins. This one was not singing, only chirping..that short sharp chirp. I think it is an announcing danger.
Lucky for this fellow the mountain ash berries have not all been harvested. They are covered in snow a bit, he'll have to work for his supper. But I am happy that I planted so many food sources for birds. Berries everywhere. Most are gone now, but I can see a few dried up ones here and there.
It is my wish that he move on.
Like a good mother who's heart is breaking to see them leave, I whisper....go child bird....go
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The merriment has started
The first snow stirred the feelings
for Christmas and all its glory
A home on the inside
that from the outside looks warm
and inviting as the garden did in the summer
Let things bloom inside
in shades of reds,green,gold and silver
and leave out a tray of goodies
for our wards outside
who from our windows delight
us with their presense through
the short days and long nights ahead
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Too bad a branch suddenly let go and dumped snow
on me and my camera...clouding my lens
But Oh Joy!
I wish you could hear the honking going on above me
the Canada geese were going nuts honking and flying
it was pure JOY listening
pure joy
..I'm gettting alot of that lately
how about you?
The snow this morning was of the pretty kind
fairy land...but heavy
I was like a kid rushing out this morning to walk in it
oh Seasons...Now I remember why I like them
summer who? you see the goose in the photo!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

you will hold your beauty throughout the winter
your dried petal hands reaching out for snow
and I will gaze upon you from the kitchen window
  sing your winter praises high and low

Thursday, December 2, 2010

His Handsomeness

Oh dear

Who was there first?
I am happy to report that I didn't find a single feather,
however I did find a sleeping kitty in the outside heated house
It's almost winter..and he knows I'm a sucker
for stray cats...especially his Handsomeness

love affair with red

 You must plant it to enjoy it
and I am grateful that I did
For on days like this
those red hawthorne berries outside the window
have cheered my weary cold being
as I stir around the house
wishing and planning what I'll do
in the garden next year

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oak Leaf Hygrangea

Still a thing of wonder and beauty
passed its prime
lines,wrinkles and veins
like this face of mine
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheery red

A thing of beauty
in the midst of waning
A larder still holding food
for the wayward bird who may need it
or to drop to the ground to live again
Whatever its fate
it is a joy to behold...this bright cheery red
on this cold gloomy gray skyed day
in late November....
another thought of gratitude sent to heaven,Stafford
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

morning light

I leave adornments on my trees
for such a day as this
A cold quiet day after much bustling around
with food and family
I like the way light hits them
and the wind... and how rain can drip off of them
in the most pleasing of observations
a chance stop at stillness
If it weren't for these marvels dangling off of branches
bells,gongs, chimes,colored glass and prisms
I might just miss this moment
of my life

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tulip poplar

I'll take it-
this little bit of color along the path
If I look up all I can see is the gray sky
not even a fluffy cloud to cheer me
The chickadees are flitting about
hiding seeds...what do they know?
A new sparrow has arrived with a gray chest
I should know his name by now..but
like latin names for plants...I care only to
know them by their beauty...for it is a fleeting moment
this joy that shoots an arrow into me
as they cross my path
Ah...the tulip poplar leaf...I remember when I saw your
first blossom this year....another moment of joy
in my Open Bar of Joy
rest my dear lady Autumn is leaving
sleep the deep sleep of winter
I will watch over you from the kitchen window
hang a feeder in your loving branches
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Saturday, November 20, 2010


This crown of thorns spent the summer on the deck
and now it has to come back inside like me.
We both look out wishing for summer again,at least spring.
But we live in a land of seasons
and we must go inside for the winter

I will tend us both little flowering beauty
I have placed you by the southwest window with the oxalis
The kitties will visit you almost daily
wanting bits of sunlight too, and a nibble now and then

I will water you with nourishing water
pick up the leaves I know you no longer can sustain
and we will wait together
watch the grass turn brown
the trees become like skeletons with outstretched arms
and the hungry hawk will return
and you can watch me as I venture outside
and show him whose garden this is
while I fill endlessly the birdfeeders that draw him here
And at night while I'm asleep you might see in the moonlight
visitors who come in darkness
to scrounge in the garden for food,
missed seeds and dried up berries hidden under leaves
And the bitter wind will rattle the windows soon
and snow will first mesmerizing us with its angelic presence
but then it will spread its thick comforter over everything
and winter settles in like a relative who stays too long
But for today you bring me a slice of the garden inside
....and  joy
and I give thanks

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