Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The harebells have begun to leaf out
These I have moved from house to house
bits of me coming along
over 35 years of moving
There is something comforting about old friends
especially when you can remember who gave them to you
These came from Mrs. Pfifenroth

One spring the landscapers almost
removed the lot of them
No more letting them in my yard
except to cut the grass
I have given many harebells away
their happy nodding bells of violet blue
cheering up even the most non-gardener
and they ask for little
mostly to be left alone...that I can do

I used to have Jack in the pulpits growing there
I guess he's preaching elswhere...I miss him next to them..sort of the choir
but I have other preachers throughout the garden
that I enjoy gazing on when they outstretch their arms
in full glory
Had a varigated one...he left too
oh well..such is the life of a wench
you love em and they leave you

The fox...well, he's still here
showed up this morning and went straight in the "den"
he had a run in again with the racoon...who is making my yard a nightly haunt
NO Handsome in over a week
What with all this wildlife traffic going on in my Open Bar of Joy
I can't blame him...but boo hoo I miss that old rascal cat

I glued a few birdhouses back together, cleaned the feeders and birdbaths
now on to the pots..and planting the annuals...though they say we might have frost!
can you believe it?
So much work to do
 to make the garden look effortless
and inviting..
maybe I should rethink this inviting thing
right now it seems ..standing room only
blessings and joy


  1. Dear Girl, Close your Open Bar of Joy for a week or, two is better, and the critters, fox and raccoon, will leave for other feeders. Maybe then, your Handsome will return. Then, only feed him when he comes, taking any left, back inside to keep the wildlife at bay. I will breathe so much easier knowing you are safe from disease and possible injury. Fox and Coon can be very aggressive protecting their food source.
    I have not grown Harebells- what is the flower like.
    I need to fix a birdbath and lots of birdhouses. It snowed again but at least the sun is shining in this bitter cold weather.

  2. Oh goodness - lots going on by you. Frost!!!

  3. Suz, I am so glad you are heeding the warning. If he is taking shelter under your deck, you will not like the stench when the air warms. You would think you had a skunk inside the house. Not an easy scent to get rid of. I love the wildlife like no tomorrow too, but there is a limit.

  4. thanks Dar...they were both here tonight in the yard...fox backed off...went under deck
    oh dear

  5. Oh, I do hope Handsome returns. My ferals manage to co-exist with the raccoons, but we have a lot of coyotes around (which would think a cat was a very tasty meal) so I've put the ferals' houses on the second story deck.

    Suz, you're so right about it taking a lot of work to make the garden look effortlessly welcoming! I'll be thinking of you when I get out my heating pad tonight, lol at us.

  6. Effortless gardens are those you plant once and forget. At least that is what I call my backyard.

  7. I was thinking the same thing that there could be danger from the racoon and the fox They are wild and I would not want either around to long. You are to soft hearted


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