Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's that time again...
time when yearnings for the garden seep
into the daily breathing of my heart and soul

I remember the evening pictured above
..after a day of rain
Somehow it cleared up by late afternoon
and the sun shown in the cloudy sky
like a miracle of joy
It was late June
and my mood fit the rainy day

Losing our little Isla Maeve in May
made the garden seem less joyful
to me as I daily sought refuge
where it usually was to be found...amongst the green and flowers and trees
and birds and bug and toads of the garden
But it was in the heavens above
just be before dusk
that the comfort came to me
in the simple reminder that the sun always shines
....I remember cutting a few flowers
and bringing them inside
joy in a vase
and I was comforted

I can't wait to return to my beloved space
in the garden
As usual I have grand plans to redo some parts
...that's the beauty of it really
the opportunity to make better
and knowing that it really doesn't matter
for things become what they are
always and still
my Open Bar of Joy

I've already purchased my four o'clock
and my heavenly blue morning glory seeds
so it begins....the great dreaming in late winter


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yesterday it was windy and cold
and i stood at the window and watched this indigo glass bottle
letting itself be taken by the wind
and I saw a flash of joy

"When you do something,
 you should do it with your whole body and mind;
you should be concentrated on
what you do."

It got done to 4 degrees last night
and Handsome found his way to us
and hunkered down in comfort
belly filled with chicken
and his body warmed by soft blankets
and a heated pad underneath them.
He did it with his whole body


And early this morning
I saw that he was snuggled way back in the igloo
and stirred when he heard me
and ventured out and stretched
that wonder wonderful cat stretch...
that we humans try to imitate

I warmed his chicken up in a pot with a bit of butter it would stay warm...
In this cold weather it freezes so fast.
He wolfed it down and then stared at me
...more please..
but I was out of chicken
So I slipped him some dry food..and he took what was given
with his whole body

Then I saw that he moved into the sun and let it warm and nurture him
wise kitty
I wish he would let me own him
but I think he will not be owned
This too he does with his whole body....
lives free

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now do you believe me.
This little fella actually crawled into Handsome's house
and squirreled under the pillow and blankets and stayed there for
most of the afternoon!
I guess..warm is warm

I didn't see him yesterday.....
but Handsome showed up....and stayed all day
snug in his igloo that is heated with a warming pad for outdoors
....I guess I can never move.
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