Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh dear, it's going to be warm today
and the fox wasn't here this morning
but I can't garden either
I having a day out with my mom
But I am so happy to see that the garden marches on without me
and so the weeds
But this morning I uncoverd my spirit rocks
and felt happy...old friends
oh that old toad I had forgotten about him
hee hee .. I just love toad and frogs and turtles
This ceramic one should have been put away
in the fall
oh well
wabi sabi
he's beautiful now
seeing that he survived the cold

garden of the wild things
awakening life again
from the window too


  1. Frog now has a winter's worth of wisdom and experience from the spirit rocks he shared space with.

  2. a winter's worth of wisdom
    say that 3 times
    speaking of alliteration
    hee hee
    thanks for the comments


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