Friday, August 31, 2012

I can't post photos from matter what
So I had to do it from my computer...which takes forever
But, here are a few of the garden today
Wild and beautiful.....Truly my being
was uplifted wandering through the garden this morning
I had dreams last night about having to write haiku
a and death task
tisk tisk...what a nightmare
So I chucked everything I had to do and fled to the
my refuge from all the weary weigh you down stuff of life
I took my shoes off and walked over the grass..toes fully engaged
and I stood and watched bees and wasps
Do you see how big that nest is? and woodbine growing all over it
I cannot pull it off of the house...which is my duty this time of year
due to that wasp my house looks like some forgottern castle
hmmm.....I rather like that

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Don't you just love late bloomers?
Out of nowhere this plant opened up
like it was young
I did that once too
at age 50....I bloomed
reached for the light of artistic expression
sometimes I was the only flower around
while others went to seed
Good thing I went for it
Now I bloom all year
through storm and strife

So I applaud you little coneflower
...but there must be others
....I must search the garden today
for the believers

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thunder clouds woo
send their droplets to embrace me
let go, give in
you need me
it clashes above
rumbling awe
throughout my body
painting wet on leaves
dripping off the umbrella
pouring off the roof
puddling at my feet
A love affair
the earth shaking
all around me

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012


I confess that this rainy day in the garden was wonderful
walking in the wildness of this neglected garden
but the garden does't need me
to continue
It goes about its business growing and dying
The goldfinches have had their way with Reagan's sunflower
and I am happy

The morning glories have run wild wrapping themselves around
anything within reach
like this bonset...that I wish would go away
but it likes it here

wild wonderful chaos
so freeing for this gardener.....oh I shouldn't call myself a gardener
I don't deserve it
I'm a garden wench
loving the garden
as it grows

rain on every so quiet in the garden

will you looks at that nest
I have been watching it from the inside
saw them panicking during last week's storm
that pounded the window

and my my my
that woodbine and grapevine
have taken over in my absence
a never ending struggle each year
but oh well

I am amazed at what still blooms after all that heat

maybe it's the Buddha
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

We've had few days of relief
but it's too late for the garden
Although many things still bloom and there is much to be grateful for the trees haven't died

The Horse Chestnut always loses leaves in the heat of summer
but this year it is really stressed
and no amount of water seems to stop its self protection action

Reagan's sunflower is going to seed
soon the goldfinches will descend upon it
hope they get to it before the squirrels do

What is disappointing about the Joe Pye Weed is that there
doesn't seem to be the bug attraction to it this year
or with the butterweed.....what gives.......insect stress?

The cedar waxwings have been here
A few have hit the window enjoying the elderberries
they survived
But I wonder what will be left for the robins to eat
before they head south?
Maybe they'll leave early

Oh the waning garden

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