Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Plenty of these popping up
-curse of the garden
But I guess it is the nature of the garden
to have hardship
and annoyance
and work that never ends
I could nuke these babies
but I won't
choosing instead to
hand pull I can
I let them grow's easier to pull them out
but every once in a while
one hides from me
and the bees seem to love the pretty purple flowers
....of THISTLE... of the common weedy kind
the kind that hurts your hands unless you wear gloves
and I don't know about you, but I do not like
wearing gloves...
I want to feel the soil, the rocks, the plants
...the sense of touch
often over looked in gardening
but it is a joy
for this wench
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  1. Oh my friend...we have weeds at our Northern CA house. Oh yes do we ever! But next week when we are in Grass Valley we will certainly work on that.
    They do look so green and pretty right now.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. I had one last year when I returned to my NY house in the summer that was taller than me! I did wear gloves...and I cut most of it down. Had to dig out the rest. The flowers in the bed were so relieved and comfortable afterward, I could tell =-)

  3. I wear gloves for some things that I have to do in the garden. I don't like it but sometimes it has to be.
    They usually come off at some point because, as you said, I want to feel the soil, the rocks,... and the other day, a fuzzy bumblebee that landed on my hand... wouldn't have been the same with gloves on. I could feel his curiosity. It was wonderful! We comunicated with our touch... got to know each other. Can't do that with gloves on.

  4. I don't like wearing gloves either. It has been so wet we have done very little except for the 4 iris I planted. I hope Joe will have the energy and if it is not raining, plant the cheap grass seed that I got to patch up the huge bare spots. I could do it but of course he says no. May have to sneak it.


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