Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The Trilliums
have risen out of the leaves of last fall
delicate little beauties
often unseen in the wild
but thriving in my little garden
...this day
I needed their reminder
of the trinity
comfort given me
 from wee plants
little corms that will soon bloom
May I


  1. Oh yes, the little joys in the garden, in the open air.

  2. I wish we lived closer. I need to walk around your gardens with you. I love the way you see.
    I miss you too.
    Thank you for checking in.
    I need a new blog name. So I can start somewhere else.
    Any ideas?

  3. Oh Bethany! I am so happy to hear form you. Bad time huh?
    Well, life is really a series of bad times and good times
    it's a circle...hang in there
    you'll loop
    When you were a kid (I hear you..no you are not a kid) anyway..remember looking under rocks? finding good stuff like bugs and snails and ants carrying eggs? Cool stuff..fun stuff..magical mysterious things of life stuff.. that most people will never discover..because they're closed... closed to the marvelous ordinary...we're not

    How's that for a name?
    Looking Under Rocks

  4. Oh...If you lived by me we could be wenches together!!
    down girl.down hee hee

  5. I googled these wee plants, there is so much in your world I have never heard of... they are beautiful.
    I love your comments above about looking under things and seeing the world beneath them. When my son was little he and I spent hours on our stomachs watching this wee world ...I hope that I will be able to do the same with his daughter, she is just 6 weeks old but in time....

  6. I love the trinity of trilliums also. They grow wildly native in my woods by the cabin, scattered on natures floor in white, reminding me that spring may still bring another snow. We have two families, the Large-Flowering Trillium and the Nodding Trillium, my favorite. I have to get on the ground to get a perfect photo of her as she dances in the breeze. I will show you in another month.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  7. Marilyn...it is a fascinating world...this world under rocks..Harriet will be in fine hands..6 weeks...a wee wee one

  8. Dar I'm waiting for your photos....Do you have Lady Slippers in your neck of the woods
    I have seen forests filled with them up in Door County...love that place...Ellison Bay...especially along the cliffs

  9. Abe why coming from you...that's a compliment..thanks

  10. Beautiful and interesting. Thanks for sharing the photo.


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