Thursday, April 14, 2011


The chilly air did not stop me this morning
from doing a bit of early morning puttering
in the garden and around the house
It is frustrating to me that when I get
a sudden burst of energy to start cleaning up the
garden from the remains of autumn
I have to thwart it......always something lately
But I wrote in my garden journal
that I discoverd that the clematis vine is waking up
I am so proud of this vine....the only wisteria that I have
ever had success with......oh
I can't take credit......I guess she's happy where I put her
And to those of you who remember that awful day when
I cut down (by accident) my  sweet autumn clematis....
well...she Lives!!
I also jotted in the journal that the tulips are leafing out
the honeysuckle is bursting with the minute
...sunshine and warmth do that to all of us right now
The landscapers came clean up the front
...wise woman I am to bar them from the rear garden
I noticed that many little yellow daffodil flowers were
blown over..forever to kiss the their brutal leaf blowers!
A price I pay to have the front garden looking clean and neat for passersby
and for my husband.....You can have your wench's garden in the back...but ...
a civil woman's garden must be out front....I agree....sort of
There will be plenty of day left when I get home from the dentist
I plan on suiting up.....and grabbing the rake...and digging into the task of Spring cleaning
It is hard every year to believe that this barren debris filled garden
will be beautiful in about a month.....truly a leap of faith and a lot of work
But seeing the solomon's seals long fingers..
.and the heavenly violet leaves (I LOVE wild violets)
..and the pulmonaria waking!
Makes it all worth it
Spring...I love you


  1. Oh I have loved reading this, I can hear your joy in your words. I have enjoyed 'visiting' you in your garden and I shall always carry this with me. I have one wish now, and that is to be a garden wench too.
    Enjoy spring, enjoy your garden, enjoy life.

  2. Ah spring!! Don't you just love it!!!

  3. Marilyn..hee hee!
    I think you all ready are!

    Happy one..yes I do....shamelessly

  4. your garden poetry is always refreshing.

    stunning photo shots.


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