Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Bird

It's not the promised 60 degrees outside
but that is a good thing, I am stuck inside waiting
I hate waiting,feel it a waste of time
waiting for a repairman
But I am salved by the fact that it is sunless outside and a bit cold
 my tending to the garden should be starting now... So many interruptions lately
I'm itching for that warm day when I can dive into the quiet meditative work
 of sacredness of tending to
I love to bear witness to awakening
especially in myself
The garden does that...
one breath at a time
one green leaf at a time
one opening bud at a time
I need restorative energy right now Drained of my reserves...
 from the past two weeks of nurturing others
God give me a quiet day of earth in my hands
But wait I must do today ...and accept it
 the secret of living in joy.
..accepting what is as the gift that it is
If I had not been waiting by the window for the man to arrive
I would have missed the mating pair of cardinals in the White oak tree
scouting out the honeysuckle bush for their spring nest
They have nested there for the past 3 Springs
an honor greater than any given by humans
Have you ever listened to the song of a male cardinal?
 pure joy notes
He's in love and she is too
and together they bring forth a new generation of their kind
...sort of like the joy I've felt these past weeks
a new generation of my kind running through the house
ah..thoughts of gratitude flow through me
all because I'm waiting
I guess I will give up the hating of this waiting
and instead see the gift that it has become

Red bird on white oak
honeysuckle branches wait
sharing of new life



  1. Feeling some better today.

    I feel almost like going outside.

    I like your photo. I am longing for spring.

  2. beautiful post, I hope that you get some time to tend your garden and feel the healing earth.

  3. I love the way you love your garden. I love being out in the yard. It is so theraputic for the soul.
    We had short sleeve weather yesterday. I took a nice walk with girlfriends.
    Today we had a little snow.
    Oh my.

  4. There is goodness everywhere, and look, do I also see daffodils or narcissus under the honeysuckle?

  5. How wonderful that the cardinals return every year. I've never seen one or heard their voice. Hope you get your day in the dirt soon ... sounds so nourishing.

  6. Goldenbird! you never heard a Cardinal sing?
    what..they don't have them in California? oh my are right...just waiting a little heat to open
    Dogwood...short sleeves! no fair
    Acorn nice is acorn moon...nice picture for the mind....yes healing earth...mmm

  7. This is another piece of beauty that I have never seen or heard... these are such beautifully coloured birds. I want to experience them now.

  8. Yes, but believe it or not...wa had a little snow last night!
    The sun and blue sky are showing up again today.


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