Sunday, April 17, 2011

He sings

A lazy morning got to bed late last night
Ah I love the magic of the stage
The play was called, The God of Carnage
We went with friends and then had a very late dinner
not a good thing when you are getting older...
 and the wine didn't help
But while I was leasurely enjoing my cup of coffee
 I glanced out the window and saw lady cardinal
with a mouth full of dried grass..then head off to the back garden?
What about the honeysuckle place you were scouting out in front?
Then he began to the top of the oak tree
annoucing I think...that it will be soon
I took my cup of coffee and went to the back window of the family room
 and yep there she was..flitting in and out of the mugo pine
 Oh dear...I did want to remove it....
 I guess she liked the way I severly pruned it back last fall home.
..she calls it home now
 and he hangs around the trees singing
and calling out with sharp notes for her to HEADS UP.....
 I can't wait for the arrival
...the reason it is all worth it
 life in the garden
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  1. Oh, what a joy your garden is. It brings you so much happiness and contentment. Love that photo of the lone cardinal ... they are gorgeous birds.

  2. What a beautiful sight while having coffee. I love watching birds in the garden.

  3. Oh how wonderful .. your spring and the birds in your lovely garden. Perfect.

  4. Yes, they have chosen the Mugo Pine and my Linnets have chosen the old dirty bird house on the porch that I was going to take down this year.
    It's really about the birds isn't it? I guess the pruning and cleaning up will have to wait for a while.

  5. have that right
    the mugos stay as does your old rickety birdhouse...
    we love our birds


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