Friday, April 8, 2011

wild,like me

 peony fingers and pachysandra

 bluebells and wild Hyacynth

 bloodroot and lungwort

        my new garden troll with owl!                                      swelling horsechestnut buds on a raining day

Early this morning I took a much needed walk into the garden
like a transfusion of joy this stroll
Overhead, birds busy flitting about and's that time of year
the Life Goes On time of year
give thanks I say to myself again
I can't change the world, but I can tend a garden
It has rained for two days now and the garden soil is very wet
I haven't had time, or the weather has been too cold for me to rake out debris
It maybe too late to clear certain areas now without breaking my precious woodlands
What did I just say? I heard myself.....and I laugh....they are woodlands...nothing ever gets cleared in the woods....let it be..let it decay....wabi sabi
The smell of the wet earth is full of lust........
One of my other rescues..from the same site as the bloodroot, is the wild hyacynth
We dug it up not knowing what it was and we were pleasantly surprised to find out what we had rescued
The ratty looking leaves gave way to little stems that brought forth tiny purple flowers with yellow tips
but it was the smell that gave it away...pure heavenly lilac like fragrance
When I found it in my wildflower book it said....found occasionally throughout Illinois..habitats include:black soil prairie,moist savannas,moist open woodlands along streams,found in high quality habitats..whether prairie or woodland. 
Oh how incredibly sad that the habitat was destroyed.....forgive us for what we humans do to you ,both animal and plant......we sin against nature and she keeps on ..forgive
But I have a few.....I could never leave this house..this garden
Do you like my new troll and his owl ?
My husband frowned when he saw it. What can I say.....I must be who I am


  1. You must be who you are.
    And, I adore you for that.
    Garden and nature are happiness.
    Smile and enjoy.

  2. Just love your owl and your freindly funny troll with the specs on his hat.
    But even more, I did twinge at "The smell of the wet earth is full of lust........". Oh the fecundity of it all!
    But I take issue with you Suz.
    With your passion and your intellignece, you can change the world. What is the most important issue facing Humanity right now?
    Decide if it is really who Britney is dating or even Obama's Health Scheme, or is it something else? Then spread the word! xx

  3. I love your passion for Nature and all that she gives, I love how you can express all you feel, I love these peeps into the privacy of your garden and I thank you for all you do to preserve beauty in our world.
    And yes, I love your troll and owl - trolls I met in Norway and owls I have always loved.

  4. Oooooh! Peony fingers! =-) I hope mine are on their way up and out, too...we will see in a few weeks when I get to NY. Haha! Love the troll and owl =-) I have a 'wild' bank with lung wort, among many other things, growing on it. That bank is always so unruly when I get to my 'other' house...The wild roses go, well, wild on it, and the periwinkle, ivy, violets, etc, etc...I love that bank =-) "The smell of the wet earth is full of lust" Indeed! Love that!

  5. Apart from the wild hyacinth Il grow al the other plants too. I am out there, doing some work but mainly waiting to see what the harsh winter has killed off for good.
    My garden is far too dry, we have had very little rain, I hope there'll be some decent stuff soon. Tomorrow I shall be out in the garden with gardener all day and I shall get tired and dirty and very happy.

  6. It's terribly wet here also, with so many snow piles everywhere. My garden walk this morning came inside with mud on my boots, wet to my ankles, aching to see glimpse of spring. Alas, Sweet Williams trying to show promise, just like my own Sweet William as he tends his sap to make another batch of Maple Syrup. Thanks for sharing your bits of spring that keep me hoping for more.

  7. beautiful words, Suz. I love to hear about your garden. Love your gnome and owl! You must come at least to Judy's this year for "summer art"!


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