Thursday, April 28, 2011

migration time!

Joy this rainy morning
I spotted a Black throated green warbler
in my alder tree!
I have never seen one before
and he was beautiful
his yellow encircled eyes appeared
to be like the barn owl's face
Oh goodness...I have forgotten the joy
of sightings
especially ones that my husband can't claim (hee hee)
and this one ... a new bird on our life life list
He didn't stay around, but flitted over to the horsechestnut tree
where I spotted a fully yellowed out goldfinch..JOY
those little birds are a favorite in my Open Bar of Joy
...who am I kidding...all birds are my favorite
well..except for the hawk..he and I have issues
Oh and there was also a white-crowned sparrow
kicking around the garden floor
Oh JOY...migration has begun
I only wish I had a good camera and the skill
to photograph these fast moving birds
ah life..isn't it grand
when you keep your eyes open
and be there when there happens


  1. Oh I love spotting all the different birds too. I see many by my lake.

  2. Suz, I always feel like I've been given a gift when I get to see all the little wildings that come to our feeders. You're right: It's grand!

  3. What a little beauty! Yes, it is exciting - Julie and Danielle have been birdwatching and keeping a count. They love it and she's learning to identify!

  4. Nice !
    I have been given 'New' eyes from a nearby friend - who loves and feeds birds-she has been teaching me about songs too. Thanks.

  5. Oh I love all you ladies
    birds sing upward
    doing what they are supposed to do
    and it is for our pleasure and healing that they obey

  6. Oh Suz, That little yellow bird is truly a joy in the morning. What beauty.
    I love birds but I, like you, have issues with the hawks. One red tail in particular, who bothers the other birds at our feeders. He is such a bully.
    Thanks for a great post. You, of all people, should have a really good camera. Save your money. Make payments if you have to. It makes all the difference.


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