Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am a solitary gardener
probably because I don't fit in with the real gardeners
..the knowers of such things as soil,light,genus, etc.
I am a wench of feeling...full of lust for my is a love affair
We speak to each other not having language of words
we share wind, rain ,sunlight, earth
I give tending and structures
The garden opens
It is really not a wild place
for it has been planted here by me....rescued from commerce...
But I give it the freedom and wildness that I can
and the animals and birds come to the party share in the music of creation
I welcome all
Once I even had a garden club come by...ha
remember I told you they went home with my chocolate mint..hee hee
that they loved the wildness of my yard...something they could (they meant..wouldn't) do.
 But wenches never look around for approval
they lust for life in the moment
 finding what makes them feel alive
and for me it is the garden and all my wards
 I have tried to make friends with others near me who have beautiful gardens
 but it never gelled somehow.....sad really
Sometimes even a wench needs someone of her own kind
 to share amazement with or the joy of beauty
But the great spirit has given me you
sharers of joy
 lovers of all things in nature

In the morning light
I saw a hawk take a bird
life and death revealed


  1. I share your 'wenchness' while still, waiting on spring green.

  2. oh goodie...can I sit in Clarabelle and pretend I'm on a road trip?

  3. The wait is long from fall to spring but the wait is worth it in the end. Old bells used to hang in steeples on old farm houses here in Ohio. They would ring them in emergencies. To summon help for fires. To tell the workers in the fields it was time to come in to eat dinner. To tell the farm workers that Indians were in the area and pestering the people in the house. Bells are often not much more than a play thing nowadays but they were once upon a time, very important.

  4. Oh if only I could visit in your garden, to see and feel all the joy that you create. If only I could be a garden wench too... I need more nature around me here, my soul is slowly shrivelling!
    I have just read 'The Education of Little Tree' and in it his Grandma told him that we all have two minds, our body mind that is needed for our day to day survival, but then there is our soul mind which we need to love nature, all in our world. If we don't take care of our soul mind it will shrivel to the size of a hickory nut and smaller... I need to experience nature more and feel my soul mind grow.

  5. I know what you mean about solitary enjoyment ! My flower garden is a riot of haphazard colors, shapes and happenings. I inherited a good size plot and have been rearranging ever since! Not with any particular reasoning- other than the last gardener had very little red! I love red- she had few roses -I
    love roses! -you get the idea. Anyone
    visiting is welcome; However- you better bring something positive to the conversation...Good soil suggestion, herbal remedy- Thanks!

  6. I can feel the love you have for your garden, Suz. Such a good feeling. Special you. Love the sound of that book, Marilyn.

  7. Good post, but they all are.

  8. Oh Marilyn, my friend April and I are for sure going to find that book...I even need house plants...
    bother that they are..unnatural as they are...but I need to happy am I to take them outside
    except for my asparagus fern..inside always..It is now goin on its 39th year with me
    now the daughters are discussing who gets it...woe...i plan on being around a bit 30 more years say!

    Izzy...Oh I know that stuff..but it is a bother..except maybe for the medicinal thing..that fascinates me...I just read that my beautiful bloodroot is poisoness if the red juice is released when broken..sort of a narcotic..who knew? We could find much to talk about if you find JOY in garden..that's all it takes for me....oh I know that other stuff...but that's details of the boring kind...give me heart pumping joy over moments in the garden....light, breeze, sound ,feel
    yeah that's where I'm at
    I hope you show pics of your roses

  9. 'the animals and birds come to the party share in the music of creation
    I welcome all'
    No wonder they come. With a big sign saying 'Welcome' right there for them to read!
    Suz, i am envious. The one thing I do not have aboard is a garden. That's why i read about yours.

  10. What better place to find yourself than in a garden, your never alone, you work with mother nature and we all follow the plan as the seasons come around, Now be of good cheer and fetch me a pint of meade fair Wench for I have a powerful thirst on this lusty spring day! (sorry a Brian Blessed moment took me over).

  11. Stafford,I think of you often
    living on a grand the light must be on the water..always changing..
    and the scent of water...and the breeze across your face warmed by sunlight
    and sounds off in the distance in the early morning and late evening
    We both are blessed

  12. Oh James...hee hee
    how terrific
    I am never alone in the garden, you are right about that
    It is the best time to enjoy my own company...and all my wards..Why right now they are gathering and nesting..right before my eyes...!!!
    "fetch you a pint" hee hee again
    it's grand being a wench
    if only I had figured this out when I was younger!
    Wasted too many years listening to Lutherans :)

  13. me too!
    I loved this.
    We are wench sisters!!!!!


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