Monday, April 18, 2011

another rainy day

As I walked in the garden this morning
rain drizzling on yet unraked leaves
I sighed ..Will my spring garden work ever get done?
 Then I saw the birdbath holding heaven's gift of water
it did nothing but be present

Let me be a vessel ,too
 ...for your gifts oh, Lord
 Get done what you can Suz
the garden doesn't wait on you
 or your hand
 it is rising as you moan

Spread your heart and capture joy
it splashes in the concrete
let it splash in you
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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Suz! I love coming here, if only for a sip of your water as we toil in the soil...well, not quite yet here, anyway. Have a great gardening week. We are supposed to have snow for 4 of our 7 day week...grrr, but, the birds are singing in the sunshine at the moment.

  2. Dar, bless those darn birds..they lit a candle for us don't they?

  3. Oh this is SO beautiful Suz, I love it! :-)

    We just discovered this morning that we have a new resident in our garden - a hedgehog! We saw him scurrying along in the shadows. He will have plenty of food out there, but I have been out and put some water near the ground so that he can drink.

    Hope you are well. x

  4. what! a hedgehog....oh my I am jealous! They look like such interesting creatures...blessed are you and your garden...
    take photos...oh yes low bowls of the kitties..they just might like H-e-d-g-e-h-o-g


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