Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh my, bunny fur
Why just yesterday I saw one
big and fluffy,hopping around the shade garden
...standing on her hind legs to look
over the garden bench
...and a few days ago I saw her sitting statute
in the dry branches of the redtwigs,
she thought I didn't see her
until I spoke to her..then she moved her ears
 ..Don't worry, I won't hurt you,
But watch out for Harry Hawk and... maybe a handsome cat... named Handsome
I have seen him watching you... from the deck...his belly full of roast chicken

But today here at my feet....fur ...woe
I looked more than that tuft
I hope you got away....
What will the summer be without you
in the garden......and your little ones
scurrying around me like wee ghosts while I weed
...delighting me as I worship in the garden
with the great spirit
who has given it all to me to tend??

My husband says there are too many rabbits...don't worry will show up sooner or later
I don't take my wards for granted....I value the wildlife
that graces my yard..and I do mean graces

Maybe it was nesting hole liner fur...dropped


  1. Let's hope for the best. I live in coyote country so I know just how you feel...I love the bunnies...all bajillion of them...

  2. Ah life is hard. Poor wee bunny. I have enjoyed catching up on your posts. ..and how your sprung has sprung!

  3. Ah Bee...I even giggle a bit when one of them DARES to come on the deck and I catch them front paws on planter..mouth full of petunias
    what can I say.....but enjoy is enjoy the bunnies scampering around happily

  4. Wish i Could see bunnies where I live:)


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