Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It has been miserable here....too much rain

..the squirrel has been digging up everything
and eating all my horsechestnut blossoms

But live and let live I say
a wench has no room to talk

 while walking through the wet grass
inspecting what has newly risen out of this wet soil of spring
I spotted a ladybug...
well..sort of..this one I believe is an asian one
not the kind I really like..
they bite
but this morning it was a joy to see one
a tiny little bug clinging to an unfolding fern
such drama in the garden if you look closely
soon there will be butterflies and bees
I can hardly wait for it to warm up
everything is waiting for the sun
to say
rise! grow bloom
even me

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  1. I understand completely. We have had the same but today the sun is out bright and possibly make it to 70.


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