Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Little Ones

My little tulips are back safe in Laguna Beach
little miss still running a fever....oh dear what a week it was
But this morning I went outside and prayed for all of it...
a prayer of thanks for all that God has given me the privilege to have in my life
especially them my little grandchildren...the flowers of my life's garden
And as I was communing with the Great One
I looked down to see that the Blood root has risen out of the ground and in some places
it has bloomed
Some day I will show a picture of what it looks like now
the place where I rescued them from
It will make you cry....if you love natives
When we first stumbled upon them....we didn't know what they were
but the 100x100 ft spot that they filled was stunning in the spring light
hundreds of delicate white flowers rising out of dead oak leaves
they stood quite tall, maybe 10 inches..really
We went back to our car and got out our spade and bucket (we always keep one in the car for such rescues)
we saved what we could before we were chased away
The developer didn't care......he paved it all
Oh such sadness I feel remembering it....all the woodlands that are gone forever
I have since heard of a group called the Wild Ones...they go on plant rescues when development
dooms these plants....
My little Blood in my garden
My little Bloodroots safe in Laguna Beach California
Praise be to God


  1. So sorry to hear that your wee ones have been ill. They are so precious our wee ones - I know that more so now I have little Harriet. I hope and pray that they will be fully recovered soon.
    I don't know bloodroot so had to google it, such a special flower - it is wonderful that these plants are being rescued/saved from developers - how very, very sad to think of concrete instead of their free-living beauty. And this is called progress by some!

  2. It's wonderful to read about your rescue of plants. I get so sad when I see beautiful pieces of land paved over so they can build some sort of super store. Hope the little ones are back in good health soon.

  3. One of my favorite wildflowers. I see them at The Center. You all survived the week and hope everyone is getting much better by now. I thought of you and all your new little sprouts when I read the quote that I put on my blog today. "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." carl sagan

  4. Goldenbird..if we lived near each other we could be become Wild Ones saving those plants..ya think?
    April...oh yes..somewhere-something
    always there is joy waiting to be held and known
    thanks for thinking about was rough...but we made it through the 2 weeks...sickies and all
    we had a great time anyway..and they creid when they left..melted my heart! At least I have Finn here
    and did I tell you he's learning French?


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