Friday, April 1, 2011

Haven't visited the garden this past week
haven't visited my blogger friends either
too much grandma stuff going on here
sick kids all over the place woe..I have forgotten how hard it is
 no time for nurturing of the self or indulging the senses
 in the simplest things such as breezes or sunshine or peonies poking through the earth
only time for hot little bodies sitting next to me
wanting comfort
But I did glance out the window and see these viburnum buds swelling
Whether I am present or not
the garden needs no witness or audience
 it goes about its business of surviving and living
it serves only one Master
 blessings and joy back  soon


  1. Sorry to hear your grandkids have been sick. Hope all are better soon.

    Spring has gone for a little while around here. Hoping it comes back soon.

  2. Hope everyone is on the mend soon--the indoor nurturing is so important, too. Sometimes it is a relief to remember that no matter how important we are to our families, we really are irrelevant to spring. I love what you say about the garden serving only one Master.

  3. Oh oh...hope evryone is getting better. xox

  4. Hope your family is feeling better, Suz. Take care.

  5. Sending get-well-quick wishes to your family, Suz.

  6. What a beautiful reminder of the joy that awaits us no matter the circumstance. I take for granted the simple joy of seeing things grow and change daily. Thank you for that reminder! Hope your grandkids and grandma are better soon. I'm just a gardening Mom with two college age kids waiting for spring to REALLY arrive in Illinois.

  7. A lot of sick people on my end too. The spring is coming and there will be great beauty all around us.

  8. Relief! I was going to email you and make sure you are ok! But there wasn't an email on your profile, so I clicked over to your garden site. We've all missed you in the blog realm. I'm glad to know you're busy, and hope you get renewed during your "break."

    I'm in Texas for a week and can't get reliable WiFi in the piney woods of East Texas. Back to NY on Sat...and back to the retail grind!

    Be well!!



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