Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh dear, the Siberian irises are all ready
poking their heads up through last year's debris
I can't believe how far behind I am in the garden
and now I have a new computer to figure out
Something has to give
this wench is spinning around in things to do
It is sunny today...finally!..but a bit cold still
I have no choice...I must get out there in my
Open Bar of Joy before it gets away from me
.....all this work to do
and yet....I swooned passing by the garden center
yesterday....itching to buy some more plants
....oh I can feel it...pulsing through my being
another growing season has begun!
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  1. I have a lot of work to do outside too over at our old house. Going over on Saturday for a day of work.

  2. Your garden is bursting out playing 'ready or not' with spring joy and mine is dying back after a lovely summer. Happy summer gardening Suz. xoxo


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