Saturday, March 26, 2011

I bought these pink tulips at the end of season
then forgot about them in the garage...
so in hurry one late fall day
...a day that was very cold and damp
I hurriedly stuck them into the ground
then watched as the landscapers raked the heck out of them
They'll never come back , I said to my husband
He said I would just have to wait and see
and this morning I saw......they yielded to the call of the sun
while in the warmed earth
Don't you just love Spring with all it's seeming miracles
I look forward to seeing pink
I have survived pink.
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  1. I was going to plant some bulbs in the Fall. I never did get around to it. Now I am sorry I didn't. I'll make sure I plant some this Fall.
    You will have to post a picture once they are blooming.

  2. Excellent. Beautiful. Can't wait to see them in full bloom!
    Everyone plants lots and lots of daffodils in Grass Valley and Nevada City where we have our county home. Even on the sides of the roads there are daffodils. It is so pretty and so spring-like.
    Have a fun and exciting weekend.

  3. I have pale pink tulips on my kitchen table this week! I love tulips but we don't grow them here much so I buy a couple bunches every time I go to the grocery until the season is over =-). Yay for Spring!

  4. Tulips are so hardy when they survive the moles and the gardeners. Ha! I cannot wait to see your pink., as mine is still SO far off.

  5. How very exciting, your husband's words were wise. Am looking forward to your photos of their blooms already! What joy!

  6. It snowed yesterday with more on the the way tomorrow.
    Spring....she is a bitch.

  7. snow,Red? oh dear me...
    We have cold...yes she is

  8. I have been out scanning my bulb bed and many things are up tall and it is still so cold at night. Will just have to wait and see how they do. I have some small daffodil bulbs that was a hothouse variety. After it was through blooming I tore the bulbs lose and have them drying out. Will plant in fall if I still can get around. I also have a hothouse mum I am going to put out when it gets a little warmer. It was that pretty yellow one I have on my header.

  9. Hi Lucy..I am so sorry that I haven't stopped by for a visit..I am knee deep in family now and other things!!! Hope to be back to normal in about a week eek!!


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