Thursday, February 23, 2012

This one

and this one
were doing this....
look closely
...see the hula going on?
no offense, Connie
but they were running and chasing
and flipping
and she (I presume)
was chattering her uncompliance
but he ( the one on top- I presume, but heck,
the way the world is going never know what the animal kingdome has
adapted to)  missionary may be out?!
but I digress
just know that love was in the air in my garden

and here

and Oh....look who was peeping away
pecking away on my white oak
a female hairy woodpecker flowers of the garden, right now


  1. Lots going on in your garden today. : )

  2. You had me laughing:) I'm glad "love" is in the air. I love your little trapeze artist. It must be getting warmr:)


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