Thursday, February 16, 2012


It rained.
The morning light shining through drops hanging on the tips of branches
brought me joy.
The ground was muddy
and the air a bit chilly,
but the season of spring
was warming up her vocal cords.
I will have daisies again this year
I saw them greening up their crown.
Daisies to some are easy plants to grow,
but I somehow never had any luck with them.
Last summer I bought large plants
and put them near the oak hydrangeas
and they have come back...

I have big plans for revamping the garden this year, 
now if only the body holds out
or I get knowledgeable help

I have a wet area in the garden
maybe I will stop fighting it and make a rain garden
sedges already grow there

ah...the daisies

ah..the light
It's what got me out this morning
and soon the drops will be gone
but I was there
to see them


  1. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I used to have lots of them at the old house. I think this year I will plant some in pots for my deck!

  2. I like how the rain drops just fall off the pine. It's one of the things that relaxes me. During a rain event in Panama last summer, I sat with my window open and just watch the rain drop off the needles....there was a cool breeze and I fell asleep. Best sleep I had on that trip.

    1. ha a man that thinks like pure gold

  3. The photo of the tree with the raindrops is exquisite!


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