Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking for joy in the garden this morning
in My Open Bar of Joy

sometimes it is just composition
compliments of Mother Nature,
that I thrill in

needles,leaf and stone

hmmm...someone has been gnawing
ha! my own mulcher
Happy Jack..thanks

oh, and always on the hunt for hearts

  I hung these clangers over the feeder to discourage the squirrels
ha...they loved it

Now this beautiful babble I should have brought in
It is one of my favorite stopping things
something that when I pass it
I always stop to admire it
and think
It mixes well with the iron
oh wabi sabi in the garden

lookie here.....dafs!
be still my joyful heart...soon..color

I love dropped branches
and the river birch obliges
still lifes everyday

be-still life

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  1. Love that blue art piece in your garden. Your leaf pictures are really pretty and very creative with the heart one:) Have a good weekend.

  2. I hope this weekend is better than last weekend...but you never know
    But I look and find happiness and joy on evry path....even sorrowful ones.....
    I love blue glass

    1. I do as well. Blue is life:) You've been on my mind as of late. I had wanted to send you and email but I don't know how this stupid thing works:) or maybe I'm just stupid:) In any case, my teacher senses are going off and have been for a month. Prepare for random thoughts:) I remember once my Grandmother saying to me in her 90's that the worst part about age is the loneliness...losing a spouse or loved one....friends sometimes so wrapped up in their own crazy world that people forgot to stop by and say, "Hey". That made me think and call my Grandma every Sunday:)So while none of this has to do with anything, I just stopped by today to say "Hey."

    2. Chris, your Wisconsin goodness is showing...and that is a good thing....I'll try to email you

    3. Sounds good. My email is
      Just came back from some wildflower hunting:)

  3. I'm envious of your garden art. ;) I would love to have some 'clangers' like that---Just look at that perfect heart. I must work on becoming more observant of where I am placing my feet. :)


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