Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's just say that we coexist
I was hoping that letting this old dead white pine
to remain in the garden, would bring about more woodpeckers
not hawks
This one is always trying to crash into the Open Bar of Joy
I think he is not afraid of me anymore
my arm waving, my shooing
He waits until I walk right under the tree
before he takes wing
But today I am actually happy to see him
It's warm , and the garden is muddy and messy
He is majestic sitting there
Why when I was a kid growing up in the city
we never saw birds like him
and now he's a frequent fly over
Harry Hawk....goodmorning


  1. Hey, I like Harry:) Granted he may not be a favorite by the other birds...but I think your squirrels are calling his attention:)

  2. Suz,
    Harry Hawk is a great pet name for this amazing looking fellow.
    He is actually pretty well hidden in amongst this tree if you were just walking by you may not even notice him.
    Seems like a early Spring may be heading your way. We had a major snowstorm on Sat.:( I so want a early Spring.

  3. I like this.
    You have accepted a bird that most wouldn't. He is one of God's creatures too and he has chosen your garden to hunt in. Don't be surprised if he disappoints you some day by inviting himself to lunch.

  4. He certainly is magnificent. I like how you have come to accept him. Yesterday morning I saw his twin in a tree outside my window and had to remind myself how lucky I am to live in a place with such wildlife right outside.


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